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  1. Between a Rock.../Quick guide < Between a Rock... This quest has an in-depth guide. It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline. Details Walkthrough The rock Items needed: Ring of charos (a) or 2 coins. Find the Dwarven Ferryman.

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    Cave level 4

    If you mess up and the cart does not reach the ladder, you will need to grab another fungus, put it in the mine cart and send it down the track before continuing.

    Water valve

    Quest complete!

    2 Quest points
    22,000 Strength experience
    The ability to make the Salve amulet, which when equipped gives combat bonuses against undead monsters.
    Access to a shortcut to the crystal outcrops
    Players can use a ball of wool on a salve shard to make a salve amulet.
    The crystal-mine key, obtained after killing Treus Dayth, can be added to the steel key ring.
    Unless the player has a low defence or prayer level, it is often more efficient to tank the crane hits and rush the boss directly than it is to spend time navigating the area.
    Mining mithril ore within the abandoned mine is a hard task in the Morytania Diary. You can receive a pickaxe by attempting to take one of the pickaxes laying on the ground near the bottom of the l...
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  3. Items Required: Ring of charos (a) or 2 coins. Either enter the tunnel and subsequent cave just south of the Polar Hunter area (fairy ring DKS) OR go to northern part of Keldagrim and use the Travel option on the Dwarven Boatman. Note: The Dwarven Boatman will take you quickly to northern Keldagrim and back. Talk to the Dwarven Ferryman and use the ring of charos (a) ( 3)… or use the Travel ...

  4. Climb over the mine cart and enter the mine. Cave level 1 Follow the track west, exit the cave. Go south, enter the cave. Go east and down the ladder. Cave level 2 Go down the east ladder. Cave level 3 Go south along the moving cart's tracks to the west using the alcoves. Climb down the ladder. Cave level 4 The mine cart route solution. Levers A-E.

  5. Intro [Quick Guide] Haunted mine Slayermusiq1 169K subscribers Subscribe 3.4K 365K views 3 years ago items: - Chisel (many found in the dungeon) - 2 empty inventory slots Old School RuneScape...

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  6. - Quick guide < Between a Rock... This quest has an in-depth guide. It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline. Contents Overview The dwarven scholar Arzinian Avatar Yellow stones Cannon ergonomics Striking gold Rewards Required for completing Overview The dwarven scholar

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