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  1. Aug 05, 2021 · Despite the pain of losing his first wife, Cowher found love again and is happily married to Stigeler. Cowher and Stigeler experienced a bit of health scare last year. According to The Athletic , Veronica and Bill both tested positive for coronavirus antibodies in June 2020 — during the height of the pandemic — which indicated the pair ...

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    Veronica Stigeler is happily married to Bill Cowhersince 2014. He is a former NFL player and football coach by the profession. The duo exchanged a vow at the private ceremony in the presence of their closed ones and family members. Veronica is fifteen years younger than her beau. The couple hasn't their own child but she has three step-daughters from Cowher's previous marriage. Moreover, two of them were married to basketball players. Prior, marrying, Cowher, Veronica was in a marital relationship with an unknown man. The couple, however, failed to handle their married life and divorced later. As of now, the pair is living a blissful married life with her family in New York. Cowher and his spouse Veronica Stigeler have been together as life partners for nearly six years now. Even more, the duo lived in a lavish Raleigh house in North Ridge Country Club which they put on sale in 2018. Most recently, Stigeler and husband Bill Cowher most recently attended the Pro Football Hall of Fame...

    As a singer, Veronica Stigeler earns $46k-$65k per annum from her profession. Besides, that, she made a good bulk of sum from concerts and tours. If we take into consideration all of her aforementioned earnings, her net worth isn't less than $500k. Most notably, Stigeler's role as singer rose to fame when she released a music video "Cry Your Eyes Out" on June 16, 2013. The video amassed over 276,420 views on You-Tube. Well, her husband holds an estimated net worth of $18 million. As per some online sources, his annual salary is $4 million. Furthermore, in 2018, Cowher sold his Raleigh house in North Ridge Country Club for $2.39 million.

    Veronica Stigeler was born on 23 February 1974, New York, NY, the United States. Her birth sign is Pisces. She completed her education from some local schools in New York. Stigeler is passionate about singing from her early days and soon she made it as her career. The singer is quite popular among audiences for her tracks like “Cry Your Eyes Out” and “Good Girl Gone.” Be sure to check out Marriedwiki.comfor more biographies.

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  3. Aug 08, 2021 · Veronica Stigeler, aged 47 years old, is the wife of the renowned American football coach and former player, Bill Cowher. Veronica Stigeler is an American personality who is widely recognized as a celebrity spouse, gaining a lot of public attention.

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    Veronica Stigeler was born on February 23, 1974,in New York, United States. The information about her parents is not made public, but she has shared a picture with her father, on her Instagram. There is very little information available on Veronica Stigler and her early life or childhood. We know she was born, raise, and educated in New York. She is a Roman Catholic and also went to college in New York. She was interested in music since her childhood and used to sing in front of her class at school. She was also a part of her high school band which helped shape her career.

    Veronica Stigeler is a singer and musician who has been writing and performing songs for a long time. She has released a number of albums with her companion band and mostly plays live gigs infamous pubs in New York City. Some of her top numbers include; Slip Away, Good Girls, and Best of Me. She has also performed in shows in Ulysses Folk Houseand The Cutting Room in New York. Her latest number was entitled ‘Strong’ and amassed more than 13 thousand views since it was posted on Youtube, back in 2020. She performs under the stage name Queen V and also plays the guitar. In 2013, she released LP The Decade of Queen V. During her live performances, Veronica Stigeler conducts fundraising programs, and the amount collected is used to support the LGBTQ+ community. Her track “Cry Your Eyes Out“has over 300 thousand views on YouTube.

    It is not clear how exactly Veronica Stigeler and Bill Cowher got to know each other, neither have the couple ever revealed about their first date, but we know that they started dating back in 2014 when she had just gone through a divorce and Cowher was still in the grievance from the loss of his wife to cancer. They found each other during hardship and opened up to each other because they knew what it felt like to be left heartbroken. They dated for almost a year and got married in 2014, a relationship that has since solidified, and the couple has been enjoying their days ever since. The NFL legend and coach and his beautiful musician wife Veronica Stigeler live happily in their New York condo, located just near Central Park. They bought the house for almost $2.6 million. The three daughters Bill had from her previous marriage; Lindsay, Meghan, and Lauren seem to enjoy living with the couple and are seen in public and on social media sharing little joyous moments of life.

    Veronica Stigeler maintains a very reserved personal life. Very little information about her life is revealed to the public. We do not know much about her origins except her birthday, and regarding her romantic journey, we know that she was once married to a Basketball player, before she met Bill Cowher, but has since divorced him. Cowher on the other hand too was married before meeting Veronica Stigeler, unfortunately, his wife passed away in 2010 from skin cancer. The couple has three children, all daughters, who are now under the guidance of their stepmother Veronica. Image Source: Dotlocal However, it’s safe to say that the couple is enjoying their romantic relationship and the children too seem to have adjusted to the lifestyles with their new guardian. Bill Cowher and Veronica Stigeler have a healthy love life which reflects in their social media posts as well.

    Veronica Stigeler is active on social media platforms as well as the music streaming community. She uses Facebook, where she is followed by more than 20 thousand people, and her Instagram account has almost 3000 followers. She posts music on SoundCloud and on YouTube as Queen V, where she has more than 500 subscribers.

    Veronica Stigeler has had a very quiet yet successful musical journey for the better part of her life. Despite not being a globally recognized star, she is quite popular amongst her peers and contemporaries. She makes a decent living out of it and has built a net worth of around $500,000 in her life. However, her husband, Bill Cowher has a worth of more than $18 million, which he now shares with her, naturally. Despite being 62 years old, and retired, Cowher is still making money and increasing the tally of his worth by working as a studio analyst for The NFL Today. For full biography about your favorite person, please check out Sportscovering. 1. Pisces 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3. Relatives 4. veronica Stigeler

  4. Apr 20, 2020 · Veronica Stigeler and Bill Cowher image source. Veronica married Bill Cowher in 2014. They have no child yet but she is a step-mother to Cowher’s three daughters from his first marriage. Not too long after the death of his wife, Bill met Queen V in a circumstance that has not been revealed.

  5. Dec 21, 2020 · Veronica Stigeler: Bill Cowher’s Wife | Kids. We all know that Veronica has been ruling the heart of Bill Cowher since 2014, which means they got married to one another in 2014. Her husband played for various teams as a player in his career and has also worked for different clubs.

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