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  1. One drum beatin’ in the darkness…poundin’ out a journey of a million miles One song spins around in circles…waitin’ for a singer who can groove with style —When She Comes To Me

  2. 16 Strokes: The Best of Billy Squier (1995) Reach for the Sky: The Anthology (1996) (PolyGram) Classic Masters (2002) Absolute Hits (2005) Essential Billy Squier (2011) Icon (2013) Live albums. King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Billy Squier (1996) Live in the Dark (DVD) Singles

  3. Jun 18, 2017 · Billy Squier is still relevant today. He’s one of the most sampled artists in hip-hop, thanks to a series of rhythm tracks from his late drummer, Bobby Chouinard. Eminem has sampled Squier’s songs, and the singer’s 1980 classic “The Big Beat” is one of the most sampled songs of all time.

  4. In The Dark by Billy Squier.LYRICS:Life isn't easy from the singular sideDown in the hole some emotions are hard to hideIt's your decision it's a chance that...

  5. Billy Squier - Full ConcertRecorded Live: 11/20/1981 - Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (Santa Monica, CA)More Billy Squier at Music Vault: http://www.musicvaul...

  6. Shop Billy O’s Dynamite Music on Reverb. We are a small independent music store that has been open 26 plus years located in Griffith, IN just minutes off I-80/94.

  7. Musician’s Friend offers a huge selection of bass guitars from makers like Ibanez, Gibson, Spector, Ernie Ball Music Man, G&L, Hofner, Squier, Warwick, Epiphone, Mitchell, Guild, Gretsch, Lakland, Fodera and many others. We also offer a selection of double bass instruments for those who choose to swing that way. Types of Basses. Electric Basses

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