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  1. Jul 20, 2022 · Find a walking, driving or transit route by specifying the mode of travel. For a list of transit agencies, see Bing Maps Transit Coverage. You can request up to three (3) driving or transit route options between two waypoints by using the maxSolutions parameter. url

  2. Some parameters that define experiences using Bing Maps API features include travel time, distance, method of transportation (such as driving, walking, or public transit solutions), start and end time, traffic prediction, and beyond. Develop engaging and geo-targeted applications utilizing the following features: Multiple Agents

  3. Routing Create routing data to and from anywhere that helps customers no matter how they travel: on foot, driving a personal car, commuter transit, or transporting goods by a commercial vehicle. Learn More Logistics

  4. Bing Maps with its driving directions service also shows to its user traffic information for major highways and roads in real time. The feature uses 4 color codes (black, red, yellow, green) to indicate current traffic volume, from heaviest traffic to moderate and light traffic. Read more about Bing Maps here on Wikipedia.

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  6. The Bing Maps Distance Matrix API calculates distances and travel times between origins and destinations with an optional travel-time histogram.

  7. Bing Maps (Live Search Maps, Windows Live Maps) is a web mapping service that provides driving directions, real-time traffic information, street maps, road views, and more. Find the shortest routes and directions! Google maps directions Mapquest directions Bing maps Directions Find a Place Find a Place More Options (mi) 1020304050 Directions

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