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  1. The Montreal Biodome ( French: Biodôme de Montréal) is a facility located at Olympic Park in the Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that allows visitors to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas. The building was originally constructed for the 1976 Olympic Games as a velodrome.

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    The Montreal Biodome ( French: Biodôme de Montréal) is a facility located at Olympic Park in the Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that allows visitors to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas. The building was originally constructed for the 1976 Olympic Games as a velodrome.

    • April 1976 (Velodrome), June 19, 1992 (Biodome)
    • 229 (excluding invertebrates), 750 Plants
    • 4802 (excluding invertebrates), 1500 Plants
    • 4777, avenue Pierre-de Coubertin, Montreal, Quebec, H1V 1B3
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    Having been told that the Biodome was a highlight of Montreal, I visited here on Museum Day (a day when 30 or so in Montreal have free admission). Granted, I knew there would be lines, and there was a quick one about 30 minutes outside the museum. I was sorely disappointed with the displays and animals inside and quality of staff members.

    • (211)
    • (514) 868-3000
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    Espace pour la vie regroupe le Biodôme, la Biosphère, l’Insectarium, le Jardin botanique et le Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan. Ces cinq institutions prestigieuses de la Ville de Montréal forment le plus important complexe en sciences de la nature au Canada.

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    Following the 1976 Montréal Olympics, the Olympic facilities were underused. Pierre Bourque, then director of the Montréal Botanical Garden, wanted to convert the velodrome into a Biodôme, a name that means “house of life.” A scientific team was created to tackle the many technological and conceptual challenges involved in making the museum a reality. (Filmmaker Frédéric Back, a passionate environmental activist, was part of the team.) Little by little, the enormous structure of the velodrome was transformed. In 1992, just in time for the 350th anniversary of the founding of Montréal, Mayor Jean Doré and Premier Robert Bourassa inaugurated the Montréal Biodôme — which was neither a zoo, a botanical garden nor an aquarium, but instead a combination of all three. Recreated in the Biodôme are five of the most beautiful ecosystems in the Americas: the tropical rainforest; the Laurentian maple forest; the Gulf of St. Lawrenceand its marine life; the Arctic world of the Labrador coast; an...

    Three words accurately sum up the mission of the Biodôme: education, conservation, and research. Through educational activities, day camps, nature interpretations and publications targeting the general public and school groups, the Biodôme team promotes a collective awareness of the environment. The conservation of plant and animal species is equally important. The Biodôme is involved in helping endangered species to recover and preserving natural environments. One such example is the Western chorus frog, the smallest frog in Québec, whose habitat is seriously threatened. In 2000, the Act respecting threatened or vulnerable speciesdesignated this little amphibian as a “vulnerable wildlife species.” The Biodôme team, the Ministère des Ressources naturelles, and the Ecomuseum Zoo in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue have joined forces to develop expertise on the reproduction, hibernation, and way of life of chorus frogs in captivity. This will help ensure that, if the frog suffers a massive pop...

    With over 4,500 animals representing 250 different species and over 1,500 plants from over 500 distinct species, the Biodôme is nothing less than a laboratory that helps researchers to understand how plants and animals interrelate. The humidity (75 per cent) and the temperature (up to 28ºC) in the tropical rainforest are maintained by a glass structure, so visitors can wander through a warm environment even in winter. This rainforest contains six giant trees that not only are decorative but also support the glass roof. At 2,600 m², it is the largest ecosystem in the Biodôme. The contrast is remarkable when visitors move through Québec’s Laurentian forest; the ecosystem itself and its climate change in time with the seasons. The marine life of the Gulf of St. Lawrence is faithfully recreated in an immense basin containing more than 2.5 million litres of seawater, created onsite from continuously filtered water from the municipal system. The last two ecosystems are the Arctic (the Lab...

    Since it was founded, the Biodôme has played a leading role in conserving endangered species and has set itself apart through its innovative facilities. In 1994, it became a participant in the Species Survival Plan, a series of programs supervised by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA). Since then, the Biodôme has housed breeding pairs of small monkeys from the Amazon rainforest (Goeldi’s marmosets, golden lion tamarins, and cotton-top tamarins) and a species of parrot from northern Brazil, the hyacinth macaw. In 2002, the Biodôme earned the AZA’s prestigious international accreditation by meeting its very high standards. In 2012, the Biodôme received the Énergia award for energy efficiency from the Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l'énergie. The Biodôme was chosen for having incorporated geothermal and heat recovery systems in its ecosystems. These measures reduced energy costs by 27 per cent and represent annual savings of almost $1 million. The impressive pl...

  7. Montreal Biodome Address: 160 Chemin Tour-de-l'Isle, Montreal, QC H3C 4G8, Canada Montreal Biodome Contact Number: 1-5148683000 Montreal Biodome Timing: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

  8. Biodôme: Montreal, Canada – Adventures of the 4 JLs › biodome-montreal-canada
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    What: Biodôme Where:4777 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave, Montreal, Quebec H1V 1B3, Canada Cost for Biodôme Only:Adult/5-17/0-4 $21.50/$10.75/Free Cost for Biodôme, Jardin Botanique, and the Planetarium: Adult/5-17/0-4 $52.50/$26.25/Free Covid Notes: Canada is currently closed to US tourists at the time of writing during Covid. Make sure you check the websiteto verify the museum is open and learn about special procedures for visiting.

    As you explore the Biodôme, you will encounter plants and animals from 5 different ecosystems: 1. Tropical Rainforest 2. Gulf of St. Lawrence 3. Laurentian Maple Forest 4. Labrador Coast 5. Sub-Antarctic Islands The lush forests are a lot of fun to wander through. The tropical rainforest ranges from very humid 72°F to 82°F. If you think the Northeast is quite hot and humid, at 70-80% humidity, this will be even more so. While the Biodôme is not a zoo, it is similar to Safari Parkin San Diego in that they focus on the entire ecosystem where plants and a wide variety of animals co-exist together. As long as the animals aren’t dangerous, they are allowed to freely roam inside the ecosystem and you might see some of the animals on the path. If you are interested in the forests of Canada, the Laurentian Maple Forestis the place for you. Here, you will see beavers, otters, lynxes, and other typical plants and animals of the Quebec forests. At one point one of our kids asked what kind of t...

    After the Biodôme, we decided to take a walk around Rue St Catherine, through Chinatown, and then to Old Montreal. While this trip was quite a long time ago and things could have definitely changed, our impression was that the old town was best. Some other parts were a slightly rundown – not bad, but not hugely impressive either. Montreal can make a great road trip destination with kids!

  9. Kanva revitalizes Montréal Biodome with triangular beams and ... › architecture-news › evpge

    May 03, 2021 · Canada Architecture News - May 3, 2021 - 12:28 2405 viewsFlip. Montréal-based architecture studio Kanva has revitalized the former Montréal Biodome, one of the most visited science museums in Canada, with triangular beams and multiple pathways, completely offering a renewed visitor experience inside. Named Biodome Science Museum, the museum ...

  10. Oct 03, 2019 · Montreal's Biodôme was originally supposed to reopen to the public this summer. As delays piled up, project organizers moved the opening date back to September 2019, then December. As of ...

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