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  2. Mar 18, 2022 · The term is commonly used to describe people of Irish origin who have dark features, black hair, a dark complexion and dark eyes. A quick review of Irish history reveals that the island was ...

  3. In Ireland, in the 21st century, Black Irish is now more commonly used to refer to Irish nationals of African descent. According to the 2022 census, 67,546 people identify as Black or Black Irish with an African background, while 8,699 people identify as Black or Black Irish with any other Black background. References

  4. Mar 13, 2024 · Other theories suggest that the term ‘Black Irish’ results from Irish immigrants. Some sources propose that the term is in reference to Spanish soldiers. After the Armada of 1588, Spanish soldiers married Irish women and integrated into society. Thus, welcoming a new wave of dark-complexioned Irish people.

  5. The 2006 Irish census recorded 40,525 people of Black African ethnicity and 3,793 people of any other Black background resident in the Republic out of a total population of 4,172,013, meaning that 1.06 percent of the population self-identified as Black.

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    Black Irish may refer to: Black people in Ireland, people of African or other Black heritage holding Irish citizenship. Black Irish (folklore), an Irish-American myth that suggested Irish people with black hair and dark features were descended from Spanish sailors.

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    As of 2016, 10,100 Irish nationals of African descent referred to themselves as "Black Irish" in the national census. The term "Black Irish" is sometimes used outside Ireland to refer to Irish people with black hair and dark eyes.

  8. Jun 7, 2023 · Spencer Jones • Jun 7, 2023. Photo Credit: David Levingstone. From blue eyes, to freckles, to blonde hair, it’s impossible to confine Black people into a singular expression. While it may surprise you, from the earliest African arrivals on Irish shores, Black people have played an important role in shaping Irish society.

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