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  1. As of June 2007, the Black population of London was 802,300, equivalent to 10.6% of the population of London; 4.3% of Londoners are Caribbean, 5.5% of Londoners are African and a further 0.8% are from other black backgrounds including American and Latin American. There are also 117,400 people who are mixed black and white.

  2. May 9, 2021 · Britain's first black aristocrats 9 May 2021 By Fedora Abu Features correspondent Whitewashed stories about the British upper classes are being retold. Fedora Abu explores the Bridgerton effect,...

  3. Jun 8, 2020 · "We know that black people were in Britain since Roman times - and there's specific examples." The Ivory Bangle Lady is the name given to remains discovered in York in 1901 which are now on...

  4. Jul 20, 2012 · Among later names, we find: Anne Vause - "a Black-more wife to Anthonie Vause, Trompetter" John Comequicke - "a Black-Moore so named, servant to Thomas Love a Captaine"

  5. Feb 17, 2011 · Black people have lived in Britain for centuries - although their circumstances have varied greatly. Some have been enslaved and exploited, while others have enjoyed privilege and status. Trace ...

  6. Nov 3, 2016 · AA008488. Write your own chapter of history Historic England is calling on individuals and community groups to contribute pictures, local information and family history to the records of historic places with connections to the rich span of Black British history.

  7. We take a look at the lives of black people – including soldiers, servants and independent citizens – who lived in the shadow of slavery in 18th-century Britain. The Black Prisoners of Portchester Read the extraordinary story of a group of over 2,500 prisoners of war taken to Portchester Castle from St Lucia in 1796. James Chappell

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