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  1. This is a list of black superheroes that lists characters found in comic books and other media. The characters are superheroes depicted as black people . Comic books Adeolah Continuity Comics Daathrekh Publishing Demond Comics Dark Horse Comics DC Comics Tanya Spears Power Girl II Black Manta Val-Zod Superman of Earth-2 (New 52) Dell Comics

  2. Aug 12, 2023 · Top 35+ Best Black Superheroes in Comics, Ranked by Fans. Black Panther. Black Panther. 2. 2,294 votes. Storm. X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men, X2. 3. 1,781 votes. John Stewart. Blade. Blade II, Blade: Trinity, Blade. 5. 1,762 votes. Ultimate Spider-Man. 6. 1,723 votes. Luke Cage.

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    • Princess-India Alexander
    • Miles Morales. This Afro-Latino teen was written into Marvel comic canon after being bitten by a radioactive spider and taking over Peter Parker’s Spider-Man mantle.
    • Luke Cage. The only black superhero that predates Luke Cage in Marvel canon is the Black Panther himself. Cage, a Harlem native, debuted in 1972 and after a government experiment, he became completely indestructible.
    • Jongo. At the site of his father’s death, Eli King discovers a crystal that gives him supernatural powers and abilities. He then vows to find whoever killed his father and stop a team of villains powered by similar crystals from fulfilling a potentially devastating ancient prophecy.
    • Misty Knight. Before there was the Winter Soldier and his bionic arm there was Misty Knight and hers. Knight, a Marvel hero, first appeared in 1975 as a native New Yorker and cop who loses her arm while on the job.
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    • Karama Horne
    • From Asgard to the Spider-Verse, we break down the most anticipated upcoming movies and TV series featuring some of our...
    • Thor: Love and Thunder. Why we’re excited: After Avengers Endgame, we saw Thor hand over the keys to the kingdom of...
    • Black Adam. Why we’re excited: Black Adam is one of the most powerful...
  3. Jul 6, 2020 · Spider-Man (2011) In 2011, a young Black superhero took the lead in a top-ranking US mainstream comic: Marvel Comics had Afro-Latino teenager Miles Morales slip into Spider-Man's costume, while...

  4. Apr 23, 2021 · When Blackness Is a Superpower. From Falcon to Black Panther to a potential new Superman, a wave of rejuvenated heroes, reimagined by Black creators, are rewriting superhero mythologies. DC, Kyle ...

  5. Feb 2, 2022 · From Lion Man, to Storm, to Black Lighting, Black Panther, and more, these Black superheroes have made a major impact

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