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  1. The finding that stereotypes of Black women affected participants’ perceptions of Black women illustrates that it is important to explore the role of these stereotypes in relation to existing disparities that Black women experience in sexual and reproductive (as well as other) health outcomes.

  2. Due to their intersecting racial identity and gender identity, Black women are characterized by stigmatizing race-based sexual stereotypes (RBSS) that may contribute to persistent, disproportionately high rates of adverse sexual and reproductive health outcomes.

  3. AT: The "strong Black woman" stereotype creates an unrealistic expectation of strength for Black girls and women in all areas of their lives. This idea that Black women are not...

  4. Present-day stereotypes of African American women as “hypersexual,” “aggressive,” and “angry” were born of representations that emerged in the past. 133,107,111–113 Negative sexual stereotypes of African American women began as a means to justify their enslavement and subsequent sexual violence, including rape and sexual assault ...

  5. Siobhan found that black women were paid less, treated worse than other strippers. What do you think that says about the value that's placed on black women's bodies in general?

  6. A Black female target (pregnant or not) was perceived more negatively on items related to historically rooted societal stereotypes about sexual activity, sexual risk, motherhood status, and socioeconomic status than was a White female target, but there were no differences on items unrelated to societal stereotypes.

  7. On June 24, 2021, the Advisory Committee on LGBTQ Issues and Minority Affairs Section held a webinar featuring a panel of experts who shared information and insights about the health and well-being of Americans who identify as Black and LGBTQ+. About the webinar: Black & LGBTQ+: At the Intersection of Race, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity

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