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  1. adjective Definition of blank 1 as in empty not expressing any emotion the teacher knew no one was paying attention when she looked out and saw all those blank faces Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance empty vacant expressionless motionless catatonic inexpressive vague impassive dull enigmatic numb stolid deadpan enigmatical wooden detached

  2. blank ( blæŋk) adj 1. (of a writing surface) bearing no marks; not written on 2. (of a form, etc) with spaces left for details to be filled in 3. without ornament or break; unrelieved: a blank wall. 4. not filled in; empty; void: a blank space. 5. exhibiting no interest or expression: a blank look.

  3. EXPLORE TEMPLATES ON MICROSOFT CREATE Templates Blank and general Basic design blank template Basic design blank template Jump start your document with this basic blank template. This blank Word document includes attractive formatting that is already set up to get you going fast. This is an accessible template. Word Download Open in browser Share

  4. To send a Blank or an Empty text message on WhatsApp copy a single Hangul Filler character or generate a number of them using the blank text generator from above. Afterward, paste it as a message on WhatsApp and send it. There is no need for you to use a third-party service. You will be sending the invisible character which is like a blank space.

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  7. 1 day ago · First, open your spreadsheet with Excel. Then, click the cell where you want to display your function’s result. In your selected cell, type the following function and press Enter. Here, replace C2 with the cell that you want to check (if it’s blank or not), Sale Not Made with the text you want to use if the cell is blank, and Sale Made with ...