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  1. Blank Staff Paper. Get this printable blank staff paper and use it for music theory class if you are a student, for creating worksheets if you are a teacher or for composing melodies if you are a songwriter. This template doesn’t have any clefs drawn on it so you can use it however you want and for whatever instrument you want to compose for. Format: PDF.

  2. Set the page size according to your paper and printer formats. You can choose between A4, Letter and Legal. The Custom option lets you set Page width and Page height directly. The Units dropdown lets you enter values in millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm) or inches (in). I know enough Tell me more!

  3. Free printable staff paper (also known as manuscript paper and blank sheet music). The staff paper is in PDF format and suited for printing on A4 and letter size paper. Click the links below to download and print the staff paper.

  4. Printable blank staff music paper. The staff paper comes with a set of five lines and four spaces representing the pitch of notes. Notes are written on the staff using symbols called note heads, and the space between notes is called a measure. The clef is a symbol placed at the beginning of the staff, and it indicates the range of pitches that will be used in the piece of music.

  5. Blank Staff Paper for All Levels. Use this blank staff paper (also known as “manuscript paper”) for dictation exercises and for your original compositions. “Extra large” means the staff is large for beginning composers, with fewer staffs per page. Ready to compose your own song? Check out this post and use our blank staff paper!

  6. The staff paper enables you to print your blank sheet of music. Music teachers can use printed copies of both music theory lessons and music and songwriting exercises and musical dictation. Students can use this for writing down and practicing music lessons. Music composers who have a continuous requirement of staff paper can use these to write their music.

  7. Blank Sheet brings you free quality blank music scores since 2003! All you need is your browser and your printer! Tailor the right format for your needs in just a few clicks.

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