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  1. Blue Mountain Peak - Wikipedia

    Blue Mountain Peak is the highest mountain in Jamaica and one of the highest peaks in the Caribbean at 2,256 metres (7,402 ft). It is the home of Blue Mountain coffee. It is located on the border of the Portland and Saint Thomas parishes of Jamaica.

  2. Phawngpui - Wikipedia

    Phawngpui (Pron: /ˌpʰɔ:ŋˈpʊɪ/), also known as Blue Mountain, is the highest mountain peak in the Mizo Hills (Lushai Hills) and in the state of Mizoram, India, with an elevation of 2157 m. It is in Lawngtlai district, in the southeastern region of Mizoram near the Myanmar border.

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  4. Blue Mountains (Pacific Northwest) - Wikipedia

    The Blue Mountains are a mountain range in the western United States, located largely in northeastern Oregon and stretching into southeastern Washington. The range has an area of about 15,000 square miles (38,850 km 2), stretching east and southeast of Pendleton, Oregon, to the Snake River along the Oregon- Idaho border.

  5. Blue Mountains (Jamaica) - Wikipedia

    The Blue Mountains are the longest mountain range in Jamaica.They include the island's highest point, Blue Mountain Peak, at 2256 m (7402 ft). From the summit, accessible via a walking track, both the north and south coasts of the island can be seen.

    • Jamaica
    • 2015 (39th session)
    • 2,256 m (7,402 ft)
    • Americas
  6. Blue Mountain Peak – Wikipedia

    Blue Mountain Peak ligger på ön Jamaica. [a] Det ingår i The Grand Ridge of the Blue Mountains. [b] Terrängen runt Blue Mountain Peak är huvudsakligen bergig. [c] Blue Mountain Peak är den högsta punkten i trakten. Runt Blue Mountain Peak är det ganska tätbefolkat, med 129 invånare per kvadratkilometer. [3]

  7. List of elevation extremes by country - Simple English ...

    Blue Mountain Peak: 2256 m 7,402 ft Caribbean Sea: sea level 2256 m 7,402 ft Japan: Mount Fuji on Honshu: 3776 m 12,388 ft Hachiro-gata on Honshu −4 m −13 ft: 3780 m 12,402 ft Jersey: Les Platons: 143 m 469 ft English Channel: sea level 143 m 469 ft Jordan: Jabal Umm ad Dami: 1854 m 6,083 ft Dead Sea −428 m −1,404 ft: 2276 m 7,467 ft ...

  8. Blue Mountain (ski resort) - Wikipedia

    Blue Mountain is an alpine ski resort in Ontario, Canada, just northwest of Collingwood.It is situated on a section of the Niagara Escarpment about 1 km (0.6 mi.) from Nottawasaga Bay, and is a major destination for skiers from southern Ontario.

  9. Blue Angels Peak - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Blue Angels Peak is a mountain located in the Sierra Juárez mountains less than 300 yards (270 m) north of the United States-Mexico border in California. The mountain rises to an elevation of 4,552 feet (1,387 m) near the San Diego - Imperial county border and Interstate 8.

  10. Geological History of the Blue Mountains

    Finally the Blue Mountains were pushed up and the coastal sediments sagged, creating the eastern escarpment of the Blue Mountains. Rivers slowly cut deep gorges through the sandstone, coal shale and lava rock layers, gradually washing away immense volumes of rock (shown in brown on above diagram) and producing the Blue Mountains landscape of today.

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