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    Why is it important to control body temperature?

    How does the body maintain a constant temperature?

    Which system regulates body temperature?

    What system controls body temperature?

  2. Oct 7, 2021 · Thermoregulation is the biological mechanism responsible for maintaining a steady internal body temperature. The thermoregulation system includes the hypothalamus in the brain, as well as the...

  3. Oct 17, 2022 · If your body needs to cool down, these mechanisms include: Sweating: Your sweat glands release sweat, which cools your skin as it evaporates. This helps lower your internal temperature....

  4. Human enzymes usually work best at 37°C, which is the human body temperature. Maintaining this optimum temperature is called thermoregulation. When this stops working properly, high...

  5. The hypothalamus works with other parts of the body's temperature-regulating system, such as the skin, sweat glands and blood vessels — the vents, condensers and heat ducts of your body's heating and cooling system. The middle layer of the skin, or dermis, stores most of the body's water.

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