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  1. Boggle is a classic, yet simple game. The game is a container with 16 cubes and a spot for each one. The cubes have a letter on each of the six sides. Shake the container, then each player is supposed to find as many words as they can (3 letters or more) in three minutes.

  2. Boggle is a fast-paced word game where players race to find hidden words within a grid of random letters. Here's a breakdown of the rules to get you started on your word search adventure: Buy Now! Number of Players: 2 or more players.

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    Put the game together. Getting ready to play Boggle only takes a minute or two. Start by putting all of the letter dice in the game board (it looks like a square-ish grid), then put the dome-shaped cover on top.
    Give every player a pencil and paper. Any basic scratch paper will work well. If you're worried about cheaters, you can have each player write on a clipboard or a stiff book. Boggle is for two players or more.[2] X Research source
    Scramble the letters. Pick up the grid with the dome on top and the cubes inside. Turn the domed grid upside down and shake to scramble the dice. Turn the grid right side up and give it a few gentle shakes until all of the dice fall into place. You want each letter die in its own space before you start.
    Set a time for three minutes. The mini hourglass that comes with Boggle is pre-set to run out of sand in three minutes time. Let all the sand fall to the bottom, then, when you're ready to start, flip it and the game will begin! You can also use a watch or digital timer set to three minutes — the hourglass isn't essential.
    Unlike Scrabble and other word games, the letters you use don't affect your score. "Hard" letters like Z and so on are just as valuable as easy ones like E. The sole exception here is "Qu", which counts as two letters. Thanks Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0
    Depending on the type of tray you have, you may need to hold down the lid while shaking or the cubes will fall out. Thanks Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0
    Pay attention to the lines below some letters — these tell you which way the letter is oriented. For instance, Z has a line below it so it's not mistaken for N. Thanks Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0
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  3. Learn how to play boggle. Here you will find the game rules & instructions for playing boggle. Download boggle instructions pdf.

  4. Share the endless fun with friends and family! Browse official rules for boggle. Download boggle instructions pdf.

  5. Nov 15, 2011 · Boggle_Quick_Rules pdf. A 1 page PDF for Boggle. It is the complete setup and rules, but not exhaustive or repetitive. I use it when explaining the game to a group of people.

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  7. Learn the rules and instructions for boggle game. Download boggle game instructions pdf and have fun.

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