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  1. Pomerania (Bogislaw X) | Civilization V Customisation Wiki ... › wiki

    Bogislaw X Bogislaw X, "the Great", was Duke of Pomerania from 1474 until his death in 1523. Before Bogislaw's reign, the Duchy of Pomerania had for a long time been divided into several splinter duchies, ruled by relatives of the Griffin house.

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  3. Pomeranian Genealogy -- History of Pomerania › german › pommern

    From the Middle of the 13th Century to the Death of Bogislaw X: (1250-1523).

  4. Western Pomerania - Wikipedia › wiki › Western_Pomerania

    From Rügen, which still had a strong navy and army, the Danish put pressure on Pomerania. Bogislaw I duke of Pomerania made his duchy a part of the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) in 1181, after he had allied with Henry the Lion since 1164. So, Pomerania became the first Slavic duchy of the HRE.

  5. Talk:List of Pomeranian duchies and dukes - Wikipedia › wiki › Talk:Dukes_of_Pomerania

    "Duchy of Pomerania-Słupsk" / "Duke of Pomerania-Słupsk" 0x/0x (a form including "Duchy of Pomorze" appeared once, as did a form containing "Duchy of Pommern") I think "Duchy of Stettin" or "Duchy of Pomerania-Stettin" should be used, but only when referring to this dukedom, the city itself should be called Szczecin probably.

  6. Pommerscher Verein Freistadt - History › cpage

    From the Middle of the 13th Century to the Death of Bogislaw X: (1250-1523).

  7. Regents of Pomerania - › regents › poland

    Ratibor I (Racibor) (also Pomerania) Bogislaw (Boguslaw) Ratibor II Divided between Pomerania & Pomerelia Part of Pommerellen Part of Brandenburg United with Pomerania: Pomerania (Slawia) (dukes from 1170) 1107-1135 1135-1155 1155-1182 1155-1187 1178-1185 1187: Wartislaw I (Warcislaw) Ratibor I (also Schlawe-Stolp) Kasimir I (P-Demmin)

  8. Maria Stettin - Historical records and family trees - MyHeritage › names › maria_stettin

    Maria had 8 siblings: Bogislaw X "The Great" Duke Of POMERANIA, Katharine Princess Of WOLFENBUTT (born POMERANIA) and 6 other siblings. Maria passed away in 1512, at age 51. + 23 Maria Stettin, born 1818

  9. Kingdoms of Eastern Europe - Pomerania / Pommern › EasternPomerania

    Pommern-Barth absorbs Pommern-Woolgast, meaning all of West Pomerania now falls under the control of Bogislaw XIV. Unfortunately, despite his best attempts, Bogislaw is unable to avoid becoming involved in the Thirty Years' War , and Pomerania is occupied by Imperial and Swedish troops who oppose one another.

  10. German Royals | Unofficial Royalty › category › formermonarchies

    Sophie of Pomerania was the fourth of the eight children and the second of the three daughters of Bogislaw X, Duke of Pomerania and his second wife Princess Anna Jagiellon of Poland, daughter of King Casimir IV of Poland and Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria.

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