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  1. Bolesław II the Generous - Wikipediaław_II_the_Generous

    Bolesław II the Generous, also known as the Bold and the Cruel, was Duke of Poland from 1058 to 1076 and third King of Poland from 1076 to 1079. He was the eldest son of Duke Casimir I the Restorer and Maria Dobroniega of Kiev. Bolesław II is considered to have been one of the most capable of the Piast rulers. In 1075 he re-established the Archdiocese of Gniezno and founded the Diocese of Płock. He established Benedictine monasteries in Mogilno, Lubin and Wrocław. Bolesław II was also ...

  2. Bolesław II the Horned - Wikipediaław_II_the_Horned

    Bolesław II the Horned, known also as Bolesław II the Bald,, a member of the Silesian Piasts, was High Duke of Poland briefly in 1241 and Duke of Silesia at Wrocław from 1241 until 1248, when the duchy was divided between him and his brothers. After the partition, he ruled the Silesian Duchy of Legnica until his death. The second Mongol raid against Poland, led by Nogai Khan, occurred during his reign.

  3. Duke of Masovia - Wikipedia

    Duke of Masovia (Polish: Książę Mazowsza) was a title born by the sons and descendants of the Polish Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth.In accordance with the last will and testament of Bolesław, upon his death his lands were divided into four to five hereditary provinces distributed among his sons, and a royal province of Kraków reserved for the eldest, who was to be High Duke of all Poland.

  4. Bolesław II Rogatka Liegnitz, Duke (c.1220 - 1278) - Genealogy

    Apr 25, 2017 · Bolesław II the Bald known also as the Horned (Polish: Bolesław II Łysy or Rogatka; b. ca. 1220/5 - d. 26/31 December 1278), was a Duke of Krakow briefly in 1241, of Southern Greater Poland during 1241 - 1247, and Duke of all Silesia-Wroclaw since 1241 until 1248, when was divided between him and his brothers.

  5. Casimir II the Just - Wikipedia

    Casimir II the Just was a Lesser Polish Duke of Wiślica from 1166–1173, and of Sandomierz after 1173. He became ruler over the Polish Seniorate Province at Kraków and thereby High Duke of Poland in 1177; a position he held until his death, though interrupted once by his elder brother and predecessor Mieszko III the Old. In 1186 Casimir also inherited the Duchy of Masovia from his nephew Leszek, becoming the progenitor of the Masovian branch of the royal Piast dynasty, and great ...

  6. Bolesław IV of Warsaw - Wikipedia

    He was Duke of Warsaw during 1429–1454 (under regency until 1436) and sovereign Duke of Podlachia in 1440–1444. He was the second son of Bolesław Januszowic (in turn second son of Janusz I of Warsaw) and Anna Feodorovna of Ratnie, a Lithuanian princess (granddaughter of Algirdas ).

  7. Mieszko II Lambert - Wikipedia

    Mieszko II Lambert (Polish (help · info); c. 990 – 10/11 May 1034) was King of Poland from 1025–1031, and Duke from 1032 until his death.. He was the second son of Bolesław I the Brave, but the eldest born from his third wife Emnilda of Lusatia.

  8. Bolesław III Wrymouth - Wikipedia

    Bolesław, like Bolesław II the Generous, based his foreign policy on maintaining good relations with neighboring Hungary and Kievan Rus, with whom he forged strong links through marriage and military cooperation in order to break the political dependence on Germany and his vassal, the King of Bohemia, who in moments of weakness of Polish policy was forced to pay tribute in Silesia.

  9. Bolesław I (c. 1210 – 17 April 1248), Duke of Masovia. Casimir I (c. 1210/13 – 14 December 1267), Duke of Kuyavia. Siemowit I (c. 11215 – 24 June 1262), succeeded eldest brother as Duke of Masovia. Eudoxia (b. c. 1215-1225), married Count Dietrich I of Brehna and Wettin; Ludmila, probably a norbertine nun at Płock.

  10. Bolesław II Mazowiecki (1254 - 1313) - Genealogyław-II-Mazowiecki...

    Aug 16, 2019 · Boleslaw II of Masovia or Boleslaw II of Płock (ca. 1251 – 20 April 1313). He was the younger brother Konrad II of Masovia and son of Siemowit I of Masovia. His mother was Pereyaslava [1], daughter of Daniel of Galicia. Boleslaus became Duke of Masovia in 1262. In 1275, he shared Masovia with his brother and he became Duke of Płock.

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