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  1. Bolesław III Wrymouth - Wikipediaław_III

    Bolesław III Wrymouth (also known as Boleslaus III the Wry-mouthed, Polish: Bolesław III Krzywousty) (20 August 1086 – 28 October 1138), was the duke of Lesser Poland, Silesia and Sandomierz between 1102 and 1107 and over the whole Poland between 1107 and 1138.

  2. Bolesław II the Generous - Wikipedia

    Gniezno Cathedral, rebuilt by Bolesław the Generous King of Poland [ edit ] When Hildebrand of Sovana, an enemy of the German king, became Pope Gregory VII in 1073, Bolesław II saw in him a natural ally; he started to apply the Pope's reforms in the Archbishopric of Gniezno and commenced negotiations to obtain the royal crown.

  3. Category:Boleslaus III, Duke of Brzeg - Wikimedia Commons

    Bolesław III the Generous Duke of Brzeg. Upload media Wikipedia: Date of birth: 23 September 1291 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584), 1291 ...

  4. Bolesław III the Generous - Wikidata

    Bolesław III the Generous (Q646226) ... English Wikipedia. image. Bolesław III Rozrzutny seal 1337.PNG 1,063 × 1,050; 443 KB.

  5. Talk:Bolesław II the Generous - Wikipedia

    In 1979 Encyclopedia Britannica he's Bolesław II the Generous (with an "also known as" Bołeslaw II the Bold). Sokol's Polish Biographical Dictionary has him as Bolesław II (The Bold). Online Britannica has him as Boleslaw II, with bynames as Boleslaw the Bold and Boleslaw the Generous.--Elonka 18:23, 14 June 2006 (UTC)

  6. 1070s - Wikipedia

    December 26 – Bolesław II (the Generous) is crowned as king of Poland by Archbishop Bogumił in the Gniezno Cathedral. Bolesław supports Gregory VII in his conflict against Henry IV. England. May 31 – Waltheof, one of the earls of an uprising against King William I (the Conqueror), is beheaded near Winchester (see Revolt of the Earls).

  7. Władysław I Herman - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...ładysław_I_Herman

    Władysław I Herman (b. ca. 1044 - d. 4 June 1102), was a Duke of Poland from 1079 until his death.. He was the second son of Casimir I the Restorer by his wife Maria Dobroniega, daughter of Vladimir the Great, Grand Duke of Kiev.

  8. Gytha of Wessex - Wikipedia

    The two brothers were treated by Sweyn with hospitality, Magnus entering into high-level service with Bolesław II the Generous while their sister was married to Waldemar, King of Ruthenia, i.e. Vladimir II Monomakh, one of the most famous rulers of Kievan Rus.

  9. Jan Matejko - Wikimedia Commons
    • Historical Events
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    Battle of Grunwaldlabel QS:Lru,"Грюнвальдская битва"label QS:Lro,"Bătălia de la Grunwald"label QS:Len,"Battle of Grunwald"label QS:Lpl,"Bitwa pod Grunwaldem"label QS:Lbe,"Грунвальдская бітва"label...
    Out of scholars from Krakow in 1549label QS:Len,"Out of scholars from Krakow in 1549"label QS:Lpl,"Wyjście żaków z Krakowa w roku 1549" 1893, 97 × 194 cm (38.1 × 76.3 in)
    Babin Republiclabel QS:Len,"Babin Republic"label QS:Lpl,"Rzeczpospolita Babińska"label QS:Lfr,"La République de Babin" 1881, 96 × 200 cm (37.7 × 78.7 in), National Museum in Warsaw (MNW)
    Hanging of the Sigismund Bell on the Wawel Cathedral Tower in 1521label QS:Len,"Hanging of the Sigismund Bell on the Wawel Cathedral Tower in 1521"label QS:Lpl,"Zawieszenie dzwonu Zygmunta na wieży...
    The Revival of Lazaruslabel QS:Len,"The Revival of Lazarus"label QS:Lpl,"Wskrzeszenie Lazarza" 1867
    The Ascension 1884, 103 × 66.8 cm (40.5 × 26.2 in), National Museum in Warsaw (MNW)
    Saints Cyril and Methodiuslabel QS:Len,"Saints Cyril and Methodius"label QS:Lpl,"Cyryl i Metody" 1885
    St. Jadwiga among the poorlabel QS:Len,"St. Jadwiga among the poor"label QS:Lpl,"Św. Jadwiga wśród ubogich" watercolor on papermedium QS:P186,Q22915256;P186,Q11472,P518,Q861259, 1855
    Polonia 1861
    1863 – Polonialabel QS:Len,"1863 – Polonia"label QS:Lpl,"Rok 1863 – Polonia" oil on canvasmedium QS:P186,Q296955;P186,Q12321255,P518,Q861259, 1864, 156 × 232 cm (61.4 × 91.3 in), National Museum in...

    Matejko family

    1. Self-portrait oil on canvasmedium QS:P186,Q296955;P186,Q12321255,P518,Q861259, 1892, 160 × 110 cm (62.9 × 43.3 in), National Museum in Warsaw (MNW) 2. Franciszek Matejko with three childrenlabel QS:Len,"Franciszek Matejko with three children"label QS:Lpl,"Franciszek Matejko z trojgiem dzieci" 1853 3. Maria Waleria Golichowska (Matejko’s sister) 1859 4. Maria Waleria Golichowska (Matejko’s sister) 1882 5. Franciszek Matejko (Matejko’s father) 1877 6. Theodore of Giebułtowskich Matejko in we...

    Female portraits

    1. Wiktoria Kosińska 1859 2. Maria Maurizio 1860 3. Dybowska 1861 4. Paulina Giebułtowska 1862, National Museum in Kraków 5. Maria Pusłowska 1871 6. Marcelina Czartoryska 1874, National Museum in Kraków 7. Katarzyna Potocka 1890

    Male portraits

    1. Study of the head of an old manlabel QS:Len,"Study of the head of an old man"label QS:Lpl,"Studium głowy starca" 1858 2. Zdzisław & Bolesław Włodkowie 1862 3. Karol Gilewski 1872 4. Józef Ciechoński 1873 5. Tadeusz Oksza-Orzechowski 1873, 81.5 × 65 cm (32 × 25.5 in), National Museum in Warsaw (MNW) 6. Hetman Ostafij Daszkiewiczlabel QS:Len,"Hetman Ostafij Daszkiewicz"label QS:Lpl,"Hetman Ostafij Daszkiewicz" oil on cardboardmedium QS:P186,Q296955;P186,Q389782,P518,Q861259, 1874, 72.5 × 57....

    Verdict on Matejkolabel QS:Len,"Verdict on Matejko"label QS:Lpl,"Wyrok na Matejkę"label QS:Lfr,"Verdict sur Matejko" 1867, 56 × 45 cm (22 × 17.7 in), National Museum in Warsaw (MNW)
    View of Bebek near Constantinoplelabel QS:Len,"View of Bebek near Constantinople"label QS:Lpl,"Widok Bebeku koło Konstantynopola" oil on cardboardmedium QS:P186,Q296955;P186,Q389782,P518,Q861259, 1...
    Hassan drowns unfaithful wife (Drowned in the Bosphorus)label QS:Len,"Hassan drowns unfaithful wife (Drowned in the Bosphorus)"label QS:Lpl,"Hassan topi niewierną żonę (Utopiona w Bosforze)" 1880
    Tadeusz Stryjenski's head as a corbel in St. Mary's Basilica, Krakówlabel QS:Len,"Tadeusz Stryjenski's head as a corbel in St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków"label QS:Lpl,"Projekt konsoli w kształcie głow...
    Bishop Iwo Odrowąż devotes foundation stone of the church in Iwonicz in 1226label QS:Len,"Bishop Iwo Odrowąż devotes foundation stone of the church in Iwonicz in 1226"label QS:Lpl,"Biskup Iwo Odrow...
    Zamoyski at Byczynalabel QS:Len,"Zamoyski at Byczyna"label QS:Lpl,"Zamoyski pod Byczyną" burned during World War II
    Władysław IV Near Smoleńsklabel QS:Len,"Władysław IV Near Smoleńsk"label QS:Lpl,"Władysław IV pod Smoleńskiem" 1892, lost during World War II
    Castellan (Stanisława Serafińska) 1876, lost during World War II
    Battle of Grunwald, detail: Vytautas the Greatlabel QS:Len,"Battle of Grunwald, detail: Vytautas the Great"label QS:Lpl,"Bitwa pod Grunwaldem, fragment: książę Witold"
    Battle of Grunwald, detail: Jan Žižkalabel QS:Len,"Battle of Grunwald, detail: Jan Žižka"label QS:Lpl,"Bitwa pod Grunwaldem, fragment: Jan Žižka"
    Battle of Grunwald, detail: Zawisza Czarnylabel QS:Len,"Battle of Grunwald, detail: Zawisza Czarny"label QS:Lpl,"Bitwa pod Grunwaldem, fragment: Zawisza Czarny"
    Battle of Grunwald, detail: Zyndram z Maszkowiclabel QS:Len,"Battle of Grunwald, detail: Zyndram z Maszkowic"label QS:Lpl,"Bitwa pod Grunwaldem, fragment: Zyndram z Maszkowic"

    Gallery of Kings of Poland

    1. Mieszko I 2. Dobrawa 3. Bolesław I Chrobry 4. Mieszko II Lambert 5. Richenzalabel QS:Len,"Richenza"label QS:Lpl,"Rycheza" 6. Casimir I the Restorerlabel QS:Len,"Casimir I the Restorer"label QS:Lpl,"Kazimierz I Odnowiciel" 7. Bolesław II the Generouslabel QS:Len,"Bolesław II the Generous"label QS:Lpl,"Bolesław II Śmiały" 8. Władysław I Herman 9. Bolesław III Wrymouthlabel QS:Len,"Bolesław III Wrymouth"label QS:Lpl,"Bolesław III Krzywousty" 10. Władysław II the Exilelabel QS:Len,"Władysław I...

    Bolesław I the Talllabel QS:Len,"Bolesław I the Tall"label QS:Lpl,"Bolesław I Wysoki"
    Ziemowit I duke of Masovialabel QS:Len,"Ziemowit I duke of Masovia"label QS:Lpl,"Ziemowit I książę Mazowsza"
    Blessed Wincenty Kadłubeklabel QS:Len,"Blessed Wincenty Kadłubek"label QS:Lpl,"Wincenty Kadłubek" 1872
    Wedding of king Casimir IV Jagiellon of Poland and Elizabeth Habsburg of Austrialabel QS:Len,"Wedding of king Casimir IV Jagiellon of Poland and Elizabeth Habsburg of Austria"label QS:Lpl,"Ślub Kaz...
    Świętosławalabel QS:Len,"Świętosława"label QS:Lpl,"Świętosława"
    Saint Hedwiglabel QS:Len,"Saint Hedwig"label QS:Lpl,"Św. Jadwiga Śląska"
    Salomealabel QS:Len,"Salomea"label QS:Lpl,"Bł. Salomea"
  10. Konrad I of Masovia

    Konrad I of Masovia (ca. 1187/88 [1] – 31 August 1247), from the Polish Piast dynasty, was the sixth Duke of Masovia and Kujawy from 1194 until his death as well as High Duke of Poland from 1229 to 1232 and again from 1241 to 1243.

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