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  1. Bolesław III the Generous - Wikipediaław_III_the_Generous

    Bolesław lost his attempt to rule the Polish Kingdom after he failed to control Kalisz during 1306–1307, finally losing Kalisz to Duke Henry III of Głogów. Bolesław's only substantial gain was Opava (Troppau) in 1308, after Duke Nikolaus I surrendered to him. Bolesław then renounced his claim two years later (11 June 1311) after a treaty ...

  2. Bolesław II the Generous - Wikipediaław_II_the_Bold

    Bolesław II the Generous, also known as the Bold and the Cruel (Polish: Bolesław II Szczodry Polish (help · info); Śmiały; Okrutny; c. 1042 – 2 or 3 April 1081 or 1082), was Duke of Poland from 1058 to 1076 and third King of Poland from 1076 to 1079.

  3. Bolesław III Wrymouth - Wikipedia

    Bolesław III Wrymouth (also known as Boleslaus III the Wry-mouthed, Polish: Bolesław III Krzywousty) (20 August 1086 – 28 October 1138), was the duke of Lesser Poland, Silesia and Sandomierz between 1102 and 1107 and over the whole Poland between 1107 and 1138.

  4. Duke Boleslaw III the Generous (1291 - 1352) - Genealogy

    Dec 30, 2018 · Bolesław III the Generous From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bolesław III the Generous (Polish: Bolesław III Rozrzutny; b. 23 September 1291 - d. Brieg, 21 April 1352), was a Duke of Legnica, Brzeg (Brieg) since 1296 until 1342, and Duke of Wroclaw since 1296 until 1311.

  5. Władysław III of Poland - Wikipediaładysław_III_of_Poland

    Władysław III (31 October 1424 – 10 November 1444), also known as Władysław of Varna, was King of Poland from 1434 and King of Hungary and Croatia from 1440 until his death at the Battle of Varna.

  6. Talk:Bolesław II the Generous - Wikipedia

    In 1979 Encyclopedia Britannica he's Bolesław II the Generous (with an "also known as" Bołeslaw II the Bold). Sokol's Polish Biographical Dictionary has him as Bolesław II (The Bold). Online Britannica has him as Boleslaw II, with bynames as Boleslaw the Bold and Boleslaw the Generous.--Elonka 18:23, 14 June 2006 (UTC)

  7. Bolesław IV the Curly - Wikipediaław_IV

    Bolesław was the third son of Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth of Poland by his second wife Salomea of Berg. The death of his older brothers, Leszek and Casimir, before 1131 and in October 1131, respectively, left him as the eldest son of their parents.

  8. Family tree of Polish monarchs — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

    Family tree of Polish monarchs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ... Bolesław II the Generous 1041–1081 r. 1058–1079 ...

  9. Władysław I Herman - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...ładysław_I_Herman

    Władysław I Herman (b. ca. 1044 - d. 4 June 1102), was a Duke of Poland from 1079 until his death.. He was the second son of Casimir I the Restorer by his wife Maria Dobroniega, daughter of Vladimir the Great, Grand Duke of Kiev.

  10. Henryk V Brzuchaty V, książę (c.1248 - 1296) - Genealogy

    Dec 03, 2017 · Henry V, Duke of Legnica. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Henry V the Fat (German: Heinrich V der Dicke, Polish: Henryk V Brzuchaty; b. ca. 1248 - d. 22 February 1296) was a Duke of Jawor (Jauer) from 1273, of Legnica (Liegnitz) from 1278 and also Duke of Wroclaw (Breslau) from 1290.

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