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    the text in this section is copied from an article in Wikipedia. Bolesław III Wrymouth (also known as Boleslaus III the Wry-mouthed) (20 August 1086 – 28 October 1138), was a Duke of Lesser Poland, Silesia and Sandomierz between 1102 and 1107 and over the whole Poland between 1107 and 1138.

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    Casimir's son Bolesław II the Bold, also known as the Generous (ruled 1058-1079), developed Polish military strength further, waging several foreign campaigns between 1058 and 1077. As an active supporter of the papal side in its feud with the German emperors, with the blessing of Pope Gregory VII Bolesław crowned himself king in 1076.

  3. Małgorzata of Bohemia (Přemyslid), Duchess of Wroclaw (1296 ...

    Nov 24, 2017 · In 1308, Margaret married Bolesław III the Generous. The betrothal had been her father's doing. Since Bolesław's arrival to the Bohemian court and after his betrothal to Margaret, the King clearly favored him; this attitude caused fear between the closest male relatives of the King, who seen the young Duke of Legnica in a potential rival for ...

  4. Bolesław III Krzywousty av Polen książę (1085-1138 ...

    Bolesław III Krzywousty av Polen was born on August 20, 1085 in Kraków, Małopolskie, Poland, son of Władysław I Herman av Polen and Judyta Czeska Przemyślidka. He was married on November 16, 1103 in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine to Zbysława kijowska of Kiev Сбыслава, they gave birth to 1 child. He was married about March 1115 to Salome Berg, they gave birth to 1 child. He died on October ...

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    Bolesław III Wrymouth (also known as Bolesław III the Wry-mouthed, Polish: Bolesław III Krzywousty) (20 August 1086 [1] [2] – 28 October 1138) was Prince of Poland from 1102 until 1138. He was the only child of Prince Władysław I Herman and his first wife Judith, daughter of Vratislaus II of Bohemia.

  6. GEDBAS: Henry V 'the Fat' Piast (Duke) of (Liegnitz) LEGNICA

    September 1291 Boleslaw III 'the Generous' Piast (Duke) of (Brzeg) BRIEG ♂ Notizen zu dieser Person Henry V the Fat (German: Heinrich V der Dicke, Polish: Henryk V Brzuchaty) (c.? 1248 - 22 February 1296) was a Duke of Jawor (Jauer) from 1273, of Legnica (Liegnitz) from 1278, and also Duke of Wroclaw (Breslau) from 1290.

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    Wenceslaus I, Duke of Legnica (Wacław I legnicki) (ca. 1318 – 2 June 1364) was a Duke of Namysłów from 1338 and of Legnica-Brieg from 1342 until his death, but with further divisions with his brother Louis I. He was the eldest son of Bolesław III the Generous, Duke of Legnica-Brieg by his first wife, Margaret of Bohemia. New!!:

  8. Bolesław II the Bold - Le Parisien

    Bolesław II the Bold also known as the Generous or the Cruel (Polish: Bolesław II Śmiały or Szczodry or Okrutny; b. ca. 1043 [1] - d. 2/3 April 1081/82), was Duke of Poland from 1058 to 1076, and the third Polish King from 1076 to 1079. He was the eldest son of Casimir I the Restorer and Maria Dobroniega, daughter of Grand Duke Vladimir I ...

  9. Ludwik I brzeski (c.1317 - c.1398) - Genealogy

    Oct 09, 2019 · He was the second son of Bolesław III the Generous, Duke of Legnica-Brzeg by his first wife, Princess Margareta (Markéta) of Bohemia, daughter of King Wenceslaus II. Louis was the youngest son of the Ducal couple who survive adulthood. The third and last son, Nikolaus, born and died in 1322, shortly before their mother. [edit]Life

  10. Bolesław of Oleśnica - Le Parisien

    Bolesław of Oleśnica (Polish: Bolesław oleśnicki; b. ca. 1295 - d. bef. 23 April 1321), was a Duke of Żagań, Ścinawa, etc., during 1309-1312 (with his brothers as co-rulers), Duke of Oleśnica, Namysłów, Gniezno and Kalisz during 1312-1313 (with his brother as co-ruler), Duke of Gniezno during 1313-1314 (alone) and Duke of Oleśnica since 1313 until his death (alone).

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