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  1. 1138 - Wikipedia

    October 28 – Bolesław III (Wrymouth), duke of Poland (b. 1086) Amhlaoibh Mór mac Fir Bhisigh, Irish poet and cleric; Arwa al-Sulayhi, queen and co-ruler of Yemen (b. 1048) Avempace, Andalusian polymath and philosopher (b. 1085) Chen Yuyi, Chinese politician of the Song Dynasty (b. 1090) David the Scot, bishop of Bangor (approximate date)

  2. Henry III of France - Wikipedia

    Henry III was himself a politique, arguing that a strong and religiously tolerant monarchy would save France from collapse. After the death of Henry's younger brother Francis, Duke of Anjou , and when it became apparent that Henry would not produce an heir, the Wars of Religion developed into a succession crisis, the War of the Three Henrys .

    • 30 May 1574 – 2 August 1589
    • Charles IX
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  4. Margaret of Bohemia, Duchess of Wroclaw

    In 1308, Margaret married Bolesław III the Generous. The betrothal had been her father's doing.

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  6. Dukes of Silesia

    1308–1311 Bolesław III the Generous; 1311–1318 King John of Bohemia; 1318–1365 Nicholas II (son of Nicholas I, also Duke of Racibórz from 1336) 1365–1377 Jan I, Nicholas III, Wenceslaus I and Přemek I (co-rulers as Dukes of Opava–Racibórz) In 1377 the newly created Duchy of Opava-Racibórz is partitioned between Nicholas II's sons

  7. Chojnow - cities in silesia .. Info | About | What's This

    ★ Chojnow. Chojnów is a small town in Legnica County, lower Silesian Voivodeship, in South-Western Poland. It is located on the Skora river, a tributary Kadavy at an average altitude of 170 m above sea level.

  8. September – The Synod of Melfi led by Pope Urban II his first papal council issues decrees against simony and clerical marriage. March 21 – Citeaux Abbey, the first Cistercian monastery, is established by a group of French monks under Robert of Molesme in southern France. September – A church council, held in Constantinople discuses relations between Eastern and Western Christianity.

  9. List of state leaders in 1108. Hammadid dynasty – Abd al-Aziz ...

    Hammadid dynasty – Abd al-Aziz ibn Mansur 1104–1121 Fatimid Caliphate – Al-Amir bi-Ahkamil-Lah 1101–1130 Almoravid dynasty – Ali ibn Yusuf 1106–1143 Ifriqiya Zirid dynasty - Ethiopian Empire – Kedus Harbe 1079–1119 Yahya ibn Tamim 1108–1131 Tamim ibn al-Muizz 1062–1108 Suleiman 1090s–1100s Bannu Bubu 1100s–1120s Wagadou Ghana Empire – Kingdom of Makuria – Basileios ...

  10. Malonne - namur .. Info | About | What's This?

    1. Geography. (География) Malonne lies on the banks of the Sambre, upstream of its inflow in NAMUR, the Meuse, making this the first village in the entre-Sambre-et-Meuse region literally: between Sambre and Meuse on Sambres hand, Wepion, being a mirror Meuses on hand.