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  1. Boleslaus II, duke of Bohemia - geni family tree

    Boleslaus II the Pious (Czech: Boleslav II. Pobožný) (died February 7, 999) was the duke of Bohemia from 972, a member of the Přemyslid dynasty. The son of Boleslaw also called Boleslaus I and Biagota, Boleslaus II became Duke (or Prince) in on his father's death.

  2. Boleslaus II, Duke of “the Pious” Bohemia - Find A Grave Memorial,-duke_of-bohemia

    Jan 03, 2014 · Czech: Boleslav II. Pobožný, b. c. 932 - d. Feb. 7, 999. He was a Bohemian nobleman, a member of the Přemyslid dynasty and was the ruling Duke of Bohemia from 972 until his death.

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  3. Vratislaus II, king of Bohemia - geni family tree

    Boleslaus (-1091) Borivoj II of Bohemia (c. 1064-February 2, 1124), Duke of Bohemia Vladislaus I of Bohemia (-April 12, 1125), Duke of Bohemia Sobeslav I of Bohemia (-February 14, 1140), Duke of Bohemia Judith (c. 1066-9 December 1108), married to Wiprecht de Groitzsch Boleslaus II of Bohemia Emma of Melnik Berthold, Margrave of the Nordmark ...

  4. St Wenceslas: Everything That You Need to Know About the Duke ...

    Dec 19, 2019 · After the death of St. Wenceslaus, Boleslav (Boleslaus) – brother and murderer of Wenceslaus – became the duke of Bohemia. Patron Saint of Czech Republic A few decades after Wenceslas’ death, there were stories of miraculous happenings in and around Saint Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle.

  5. Bohemian Nobility

    Boleslaus III, Duke of Bohemia [?-1037] – BOHM32 S32 He was the "worst of all men who ever sat on the Bohemian throne." He was a weak ruler in whose chaotic reign Bohemia became a pawn in the long war between the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II and Boleslaw the Brave, King of Poland.

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  7. Přemyslid dynasty Origin and growth of the Přemyslid dynasty ...řemyslid_dynasty-6686020404

    After their rise to prominence, however, struggles within the family set in motion a decline in power and, in 1002, the Polish duke Boleslaus the Brave occupied Prague. Boleslaus III, son of Boleslaus II, escaped from Bohemia; decades of confusion and anarchy ensued. The decline ended in the reign of Prince Bretislaus I, grandson of Boleslaus II.

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    Boleslaus was the son of Duke Vratislaus I of Bohemia (d. 921) by his marriage with Drahomíra (d. 934), probably a Hevellian princess. His father took over the rule in Prague during the time of his birth, he had to deal with both the exertion of influence by both the East Frankish dukes of Bavaria and Saxony and the Magyar incursions. Boleslaus and his elder brother Wenceslaus were taught the Christian faith and reading the Psalms by their grandmother Ludmila. There is evidence that Boleslaus's pagan mother might [have] influenced him against his brother and Christianity, though he later repented. In no way did he impede the growth of Christianity during his reign in Bohemia, and in fact, he actually sent his daughter Mlada, a nun, to Pope John XIIIin Rome to ask permission to make Prague a bishopric. Upon his death, Vratislaus was succeeded by his eldest son Wenceslaus. While the external situation worsened with the alliance between Duke Arnulf of Bavaria and the Saxon duke Henry t...

    Once having taking over the Prague throne, one of Boleslaus's major concerns was the tribute paid yearly to the East Frankish kings as stipulated in the peace treaty that Henry the Fowler had established with Boleslaus's brother Wenceslaus. He stopped the payment shortly after he ascended the throne, which led to a prolonged war with Henry's successor King Otto. In 935 Boleslaus attacked the Thurinianallies of the Saxons in the northwest and defeated two of Otto's armies (from Thuringia and Merseburg). The war then deteriorated to border raids (the general pattern of warfare in this region at the time) and reached its conclusion in 950, when King Otto besieged a castle owned by Boleslaus's son. This prompted Boleslaus to sign a peace treaty with Otto. Although he remained undefeated, he promised to resume the payment of tribute. Five years later, the armies of Czechs and Germans allied against the Magyars in the victorious Battle of Lechfeld on 10 August 955. After the battle, the r...

    Boleslav's wife may have been Biagota. It is unknown if she was the mother of all his four adult children: 1. Doubravka of Bohemia, 2. Boleslaus II, Duke of Bohemia, 3. Strachkvas of Bohemia, 4. Mlada of Bohemia.

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    Boleslaus II of Bohemia (c. 920 – 999), known as 'the Pious', ruling from 972 to 999 Boleslaus III of Bohemia (died 1037), known as 'the Red' or 'the Blind', ruling from 999 to 1002 Other historical rulers [ edit ]

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  10. Vratislaus I, duke of Bohemia - geni family tree

    He was a member of the House of Premysl.1 He succeeded to the title of Duke Vratislav II of Bohemia in 1061.1 He was created King Vratislav I of Bohemia in 1085. Children of Vratislav I, King of Bohemia