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    Wenceslaus II Přemyslid (Czech: Václav II.; Polish: Wacław II Czeski; 27 September 1271 – 21 June 1305) was King of Bohemia (1278–1305), Duke of Cracow (1291–1305), and King of Poland (1300–1305). He was the only son of King Ottokar II of Bohemia and Ottokar's second wife Kunigunda.

  2. Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia - Wikipedia

    Wenceslaus was the son of Vratislaus I, Duke of Bohemia from the Přemyslid dynasty. His grandfather, Bořivoj I of Bohemia , was converted to Christianity by Cyril and Methodius . His mother, Drahomíra , was the daughter of a pagan tribal chief of the Havelli , but was baptized at the time of her marriage.

    • 13 February 921 − 28 September 935
    • Vratislaus I
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    Prague. His son who succeeded him as Duke of Bohemia came to be known as Boleslaus II the Pious. Boleslaus was also largely responsible for establishing Wenceslas’ place in history. He set up a memorial for his brother at St. Vitus’ Cathedral in Prague, and he encouraged the people of Bohemia to remember Wenceslas’ good and generous life.

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    Find link is a tool written by ... , Boleslaus II, Duke of Bohemia ... in the ninth through twelfth grades located in Bohemia, New York ...

  5. Eckard I, Margrave of Meissen

    Duke Boleslaus II of Bohemia had allied with Duke Henry and had taken the occasion to occupy the Albrechtsburg residence, he nevertheless had to withdraw by 987, after Eckard's forces had prevailed. According to the chronicles of Thietmar of Merseburg , he was later elected Duke of Thuringia by the magnates of the region, an event which has ...

  6. Desc: Vladislaus II, also known as Vladislav, Władysław or Wladislas, was King of Bohemia from 1471 to 1516, and King of Hungary and Croatia from 1490 to 1516. As the eldest son of Casimir IV Jagiellon, he was expected to inherit Poland and Lithuania.

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    According to Cosmas, Bolesław was appointed Miecznik (en: Sword-bearer) of his uncle Bretislaus II, Duke of Bohemia. In addition, the young prince would be paid the amount of 100 pieces of fine silver and 10 talents of gold annually as a tribute to Bohemia (it was about the land of Silesia, for which he paid tribute to Władysław I).

  8. Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman_Emperor

    Simultaneous to Henry II's invasion, Jaromir (the younger brother of the deposed Bohemian Duke Boleslaus III) invaded Bohemia with German military support. At Merseburg, Jaromír promised to hold Bohemia as a vassal under Henry II, definitively incorporating Bohemia into the Holy Roman Empire .

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    Plzeň, also called Pilsen in English and German, is a city in western Bohemia in the Czech Republic. 178 relations.

  10. The jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Empire was definitively reasserted when Jaromír of Bohemia was granted fief of the Kingdom of Bohemia by Emperor King Henry II of the Holy Roman Empire, with the promise that he hold it as a vassal once he re-occupied Prague with a German army in 1004, ending the rule of Boleslaw I of Poland.

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