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  1. Boleslaw (given name) - Wikipedia

    Bolko II of Ziębice (1300–1341), Duke of Ziębice/Münsterberg Bolko II of Opole (1300–1356), Duke of Opole Bolko II the Small (1312–1368), Duke of Świdnica Jawor, Lwówek, Lusatia, Siewierz, who was the last independent Duke of the Piast dynasty in Silesia

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  2. Duke Bolko I the Strict (c.1252 - 1301) - Genealogy

    Bolesław II died by 26 December 1278. Bolko I and his younger brother Bernard the Lightsome inherited Jawor (Jauer) and Lwówek (Löwenberg) as co-rulers, and their older brother Henry V the Fat retain Legnica. In 1281 Bolko I and Bernard divided their domains: Bernard kept Lwówek and Bolko I became in sole ruler of Jawor.

  3. Zagórze - Castle Grodno - Ancient and medieval architecture

    History The castle was probably built at the beginning of the fourteenth century during the times of Prince Bernard of Świdnica and his brother, Bolko II of Ziębice. The exact date of construction is unknown, while the oldest known source document for the castle dates from 1315. It mentioned a burgrave named Kilian, the … Continue reading "Zagórze – Castle Grodno"

  4. Famous People born in year 1300, World Celebrity

    Famous People World. ... Bolko II of Ziębice. Feb 01 1300 . ... About The Page: Famous People / Celebrity, born in year 1300, Worldwide. Yearwise birth dates sorted ...

  5. Kłodzko Land - Wikipedia

    The Kladsko estates were temporarily held by Silesian Piast dukes such as Henry IV Probus, who received it from the hands of King Rudolph I of Germany in 1280, or Henry VI the Good (in 1327) and Bolko II of Ziębice (in 1336); each time, the lands fell back to the Bohemian monarch as a reverted fief upon their death.

  6. Elisabeth of Świdnica - Unionpedia, the concept mapŚwidnica

    Bolko II of Opole. Bolko II of Opole (Bolesław II opolski; before 1300 – 21 June 1356), was a Duke of Opole from 1313 (with his brother as co-ruler until 1323). New!!: Elisabeth of Świdnica and Bolko II of Opole · See more » Duke of Silesia. The Duke of Silesia was the sons and descendants of the Polish Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth. New!!:

  7. Dynasties - Śląska szlachta i arystokracja

    The last prince of this region was Bolko II the Short, who also ruled the principality of Łuźyce. He named his niece Anna as his successor. She was a daughter of Charles IV Luxemburg, King of Bohemia. Bolko II died in 1368 as the last independent prince of Silesia. Bolko II, the younger son of Bolko I, was given the principality of Ziębice.

  8. Nicholas Small was born to Nicholas Small and Catherine Small (born Homersby). Nicholas was born in 1693, in High Halden, Kent, England. Nicholas was baptized on month day 1729, at baptism place .

  9. European coat of plates (fragments), detail view, 14th c ...

    Dec 18, 2013 - European coat of plates (fragments), detail view, 14th c, from the castle Hirschenstein near Passau, consisting of a chest plate with four weapon chains, 30 plates of body armor for the abdomen, sides, back and shoulders. Extremely rare armor type, preserved only in a few small fragments around the world.

  10. Wrocław - Unionpedia, the concept mapław

    Wrocław (Breslau; Vratislav; Vratislavia) is the largest city in western Poland. 6989 relations: "Polish death camp" controversy, A Jewish Girl in Shanghai, A Lonely Woman, A. J. P. Taylor, A. M. Bakalar, A18 autostrada (Poland), A4 autostrada (Poland), A8 autostrada (Poland), Aarhus International Jazz Festival, Aaron Halle-Wolfssohn, Aaron Hart (rabbi), Aba Dunner, Abortion in Poland ...