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  1. Princess Maria Bona of Savoy-Genoa - Wikipedia

    Princess Bona of Savoy-Genoa, later Princess Bona of Bavaria (Maria Bona Margherita Albertina Vittoria; 1 August 1896 – 2 February 1971), was a daughter of Prince Thomas, Duke of Genoa and Princess Isabella of Bavaria.

  2. Louis, Duke of Savoy - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Savoy

    Life. He was born at Geneva the son of Amadeus VIII, Duke of Savoy and Mary of Burgundy; he was the first to hold the title of Prince of Piedmont.On 1 November 1433 (or 12 February 1434), at Chambéry, he married Princess Anne of Cyprus, an heiress of the Kingdom of Cyprus and the defunct Kingdom of Jerusalem.

    • 6 January 1440 – 29 January 1465
    • Amadeus VIII
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    Bona died on 2 February 1971 in Rome. Her tomb can be found in the church of the Andechs Abbey, in Germany. Her husband Prince Konrad died on 6 September 1969. Titles, styles, and honours Titles and styles . 1 August 1896 – 8 January 1921: Her Royal Highness Princess Bona of Savoy-Genoa

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    The late 1470s saw a bitter power struggle during the child duke’s minority for effective control of the state: on the one hand, the boy’s uncle Ludovico; on the other, the boy’s mother Bona of Savoy. Simonetta was the able minister of state for Bona, and his faction briefly prevailed and saw Ludovico into exile.

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    Wikimedia Commons haes media relatit tae People of Turin.: Airticles in category "Fowk frae Turin" The follaein 70 pages is in this categerie, oot o 70 awthegither.

  6. Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy - Wikipedia

    Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy (born 2 February 1943) is the youngest daughter of Italy's last King, Umberto II, and his wife, Queen Marie José Contents 1 Life

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    The Celtic Knot: Wikipedia Language Conference - Programme now live.. Hosts: The University of Edinburgh and Wikimedia UK Supporting: Celtic & Indigenous Languages. Objective: The main objective for Celtic Knot 2017 is the coming together of practitioners in the same room at same time; strengthening the bonds of those working to support language communities into a 'knot' and leading into action.

  8. Ludvig 1. af Savoyen - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

    Ludvig 1. af Savoyen, på italiensk: Ludovico I di Savoia, (født 24. februar 1413 i Genève, død 29. januar 1465 Lyon) var hertug af Savoyen fra 1440 og indtil sin død i 1465.

  9. II. Fülöp savoyai herceg – Wikipédiaülöp_savoyai_herceg

    Bona (Bonne, 1449–1503), 1468-tól Galeazzo Maria Sforzának (1444–1476), Milánó hercegének felesége, Sforza Bianka Mária német-római császárné anyja, Jakab (Jacques 1450–1486), Romont grófja, Vaud ura, aki 1484-ben saját unokahúgát, Marie de Luxembourg–St. Pol grófkisasszonyt (1462–1546) vette feleségül,

    • Földnélküli Fülöp, Bresse-i Fülöp
    • Savoyai-ház
  10. Bona av Savojen – Wikipedia

    Bona av Savojen, född 1449, död 1503, var en hertiginna av Milano, gift 1468 med Milanos hertig Gian Galeazzo Sforza. Hon var Milanos regent från 1476 till 1481 i egenskap av förmyndare för sin son. Bona föreslogs 1464 för äktenskap med Edvard IV av England.