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  2. La chaine Bonjour de France vous propose des vidéos pour apprendre le français en ligne gratuitement.

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    • What’s The Big Deal About Grammar, Anyway?
    • 5 Online Grammar Exercise Sites For Flexing Your French

    OK, so maybe you’re still thinking, “But whydo we need to know and follow all these rules (and their infamous exceptions)?” “Why should the way we communicate be governed by this mysterious body of literary elites known as the Academie Française(the French Academy, who officially regulates proper use of the French language)?” Well, although grammar...

    What makes this site unique and extra helpful is that, while most of these other sites listed here directly give you an exercise for a given grammar topic, le point du FLE (The Point of French as a Foreign Language; FLE stands for français langue étrangère) provides several links to outside sourcesfor you to choose from. They come from reliable sites, often linked to a university, including some you otherwise wouldn’t think to look at for French help, such the University of Genova in Italy or...

    Bonjour de France (Hello from France) does a good job of providing detailed explanations of concepts, as well as exercises. Their grammar content is primarily sorted by CEFR level. Click on the level that most accurately represents where you are in French to see the activities they have suited to that level. For example, there are grammar exercises that involve choosing the proper verb form from a drop-down. In essence, you are filling in the blanks for a paragraph about someone’s travels in...

    Tex’s French Grammar is probably one of my favorite websites to use as a grammar reference and practice tool. Not only do they give helpful explanations and cover a plethora of topics, but they have the cutest little “mascot.” Who doesn’t want to learn French from an armadillo with a Parisian beret named “Tex”? The website is managed by the University of Texas at Austin (hence the armadillo). On their main grammar page, you will find an outline listing the “big idea” grammar topics, such as “...

  3. Bonjour de France invites you to discover and to apply the useful vocabulary for mobile telephones. Bonjour de France a préparé un numéro spécial pour les enfants. Here's a special number for the kids, presented by Bonjour de France. Viens fêter ton anniversaire avec Bonjour de France! Come celebrate your birthday with Bonjour de France!

  4. bonjour translate: hello, good morning, good afternoon, good-day, good evening, good night. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.

  5. Venez apprendre le français en ligne gratuitement avec Bonjour de France . Cours et exercice de français pour professeurs et étudiants.

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