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  2. La chaine Bonjour de France vous propose des vidéos pour apprendre le français en ligne gratuitement.

  3. bonjour translate: hello, good morning, good afternoon, good-day, good evening, good night. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.

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    • Contents
    • Using The Internet as An Advanced French Learner
    • Important Goals to Have as You Learn Advanced French Online
    • Top Sites For Online Advanced French Lessons

    When you were at a beginning or intermediate level, you were spoiled for choice. Quizzes, podcasts and online French lessons had to compete for your attention. Now you’re lucky if you can find a guided exercise that truly tests your knowledge. The fact is, there are actually a lot of advanced French lessons online. They’re just not always labeled a...

    To stay on your toes, here are a few things to strive for as you explore advanced French lessons online:

    Pure Native French Content, Piping Hot

    As an advanced French learner, you need fresh, reliable content daily. Learning from native content is the best way to improve your French in a natural way, and you need authentic resources to do it. Here are six of the best sites for finding that content out in the world.

    Advanced French Lessons and Support

    As an advanced learner, you’ll be much more independent, but you’ll need some help and structure, too. The following site for advanced French lessons online provide just that. They also allow you the freedom and flexibility of making decisions about your learning process, and to experience how French is used by native speakers firsthand.

    French Reference and Quick Refreshers

    These last three sites make up the ultimate online French reference trifecta! You can use them to find answers to questions about vocabulary, word usage, pronunciation and grammar. While reading or listening to native French content, it’s always best to figure out meaning and usage from existing context, but if you’re confused, it’s good to have backup. So keep these sites bookmarked to consult whenever the need arises!

  5. Dec 19, 2022 · Bonjour de France is an excellent platform for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students who want to improve their understanding of challenging French grammar concepts – like the imperative, different pronouns, or the subjunctive.

  6. May 6, 2019 · Bonjour is a universal greeting that can be used in almost any situation. In fact, this well-known greeting means “good day” in French. The best thing about “bonjour” is that it’s the most polite of all greetings. So, it always comes in handy. You can also use “bonjour” to say “good morning” in French. The phrase “good ...

  7. Bonjour de France invites you to discover and to apply the useful vocabulary for mobile telephones. Bonjour de France a préparé un numéro spécial pour les enfants. Here's a special number for the kids, presented by Bonjour de France. Viens fêter ton anniversaire avec Bonjour de France! Come celebrate your birthday with Bonjour de France!

  8. Venez apprendre le français en ligne gratuitement avec Bonjour de France . Cours et exercice de français pour professeurs et étudiants.

  9. De rien. You're welcome. Excusez-moi. Excuse me (asking a question) Excuse-moi Please. Pardon. Excuse me - bumping into someone, or moving through people.

  10. May 23, 2023 · Bonjour de France. Bonjour de France (Hello from France) does a good job of providing detailed explanations of concepts, as well as exercises. Their grammar content is primarily sorted by CEFR level. Click on the level that most accurately represents where you are in French to see the activities they have suited to that level.

  11. - premium services for French language course. Bonjour de France - a " cyber-magazine "free education with exercises, tests and games to learn French as well as worksheets to the attention of teachers of French as a foreign language (FLE). Busuu - Free online French language lessons.

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