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      • The book of Esther is one of only two books in the Bible named for women. The other is the book of Ruth. In the story of Esther, you'll meet a beautiful young queen who risked her life to serve God and save her people. Author: The author of the book of Esther is unknown. Some scholars suggest Mordecai (see Esther 9:20-22 and Esther 9:29-31).
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  2. May 19, 2022 · The book of Esther doesn’t ignore reality. In fact, it’s firmly planted within history. King Xerxes (called Ahasuerus in the book) led the assault on Greece that led to the famed battle against 300 Spartans. Fairy tales aren’t given such a concrete historical context. In addition, it shows how bad things truly are for God’s people.

  3. May 17, 2022 · Here are a few reasons why you should read the book of Esther: It doesn’t ignore reality. One of the great lies about Christianity is that it ignores reality while offering hope—it’s just a crutch for the weak. The book of Esther doesn’t ignore reality. In fact, it’s firmly planted within history. King Xerxes (called Ahasuerus in the ...

    • And in the twelfth month-which is the month of Adar-on the thirteenth day thereof, when the king's order and his edict drew near to be put into execution, on the day that the Jews' enemies looked forward to ruling over them, it was reversed,the Jews should rule over their enemies.
    • The Jews assembled in their cities, in all the provinces of King Ahasuerus, to lay hand on those who sought to harm them, and no one stood up before them, for their fear had fallen upon all the peoples.
    • And all the princes of the provinces and the satraps and the governors and those that conduct the king's affairs elevated the Jews, for the fear of Mordecai fell upon them.
    • For Mordecai was great in the king's house, and his fame went forth throughout all the provinces, for the man Mordecai waxed greater and greater. דכִּֽי־גָ֤דוֹל מָרְדֳּכַי֙ בְּבֵ֣ית הַמֶּ֔לֶךְ וְשָׁמְע֖וֹ הוֹלֵ֣ךְ בְּכָל־הַמְּדִינ֑וֹת כִּֽי־הָאִ֥ישׁ מָרְדֳּכַ֖י הוֹלֵ֥ךְ וְגָדֽוֹל
  4. May 20, 2022 · The sovereign hand of God orchestrated every event. The book of Esther covers events from 483-473 B.C. and fits into the gap between the first return of the exiles by Zerubbabel and the second...

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