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  1. Cesare is the conflicted yet ruthless son of Rodrigo Borgia. Most of the time he is arrogant, serious and without mercy. At other times he is temperate and compassionate. He holds quite a disturbing love for his sister, Lucrezia. He is characterized by great intelligence, sharp wit, and high self-esteem.

  2. 3. Francis Borgia was unusually pious and was canonized in 1670. The most notable Borgia after Lucrezia was St Francis Borgia (1510-74). He was the great-grandson of Pope Alexander VI via the murdered Juan Borgia’s son. Francis is famous for the most un-Borgia reason: he was such a good Christian that he became a saint.

  3. With a face like this, I’d like to say that he had a great personality, but he very clearly didn’t. I WONDER WHY THAT WAS, THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS RODRIGO BORGIA. Could it be because the murderer was, in fact, the husband of Giovanni’s mistress and TAFKNARB’s son, Gioffre?

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    Micheletto was born in Forli to Isabella Corella and an unnamed father. He killed his father "for many reasons" (in his words). He later left Forli, telling his mother that he was leaving to study to become a doctor.

    At the start of Season 1, Micheletto has trim hair and a short beard (presumably as part of his disguise as a kitchen worker.) As the show progresses, his hair and beard grow out, and by Season 3 he has long curly hair and an unkempt beard. He usually wears a tunic with a leather covering, a common outfit among the lower classes in Renaissance Italy.

    Micheletto is a cold, sociopathic killer who is skilled in the art of death. He killed his own father at a young age and has strangled babies in their cribs for some of his contracts. He is fiercely loyal to the Borgias and will do anything to keep them in power. He is an extremely close confidant of Cesare Borgia, and his devotion to him borders on romantic. However, he also has a softer side. Separating a baby from its parents is the one action that disgusts him. He is ironically good at caring for Lucrezia's baby, and he brutally kills the King of Naples when the king refuses to let Lucrezia see her child. Unlike his employers, Micheletto is homosexual. It is implied that death and sexuality are intertwined for him, since he makes out with a man in a graveyard and seems to get off of stabbing a French prisoner slowly up close. His hidden sexuality contributes to his aggression and desire to "punish the world" for being cruel to people like him.

    Micheletto's character could possibly be a nod to the Assassin's Creedfranchise, which also takes place in Renaissance Italy and features the Borgias as the main antagonists.
    In real life, Micheletto was from Valencia, Spain, and he and Cesare were friends since childhood. They attended the University of Pisa together. Micheletto also stayed by Cesare's side till his de...
  4. Apr 28, 2013 · In "The Borgias," Francois Arnaud says, his character is finally "the Cesare Borgia he was meant to be, he always wanted to be." He's also the Cesare Borgia that Arnaud always expected to play--"a ...

  5. "I was a little bit concerned — my nose looked nothing like his, and I had a problem with that," Irons recalled with a sly smile. And whereas many of Irons' portrayals in films such as "The Mission" and "Being Julia" are characterized by a subtle, steely demeanor that hides often dark and frightening emotion, Borgia's personality was overt ...

  6. Answer: The European series Borgia (AKA Borgia: Faith and Fear) is far, far better than the Showtime series The Borgias. Borgia is a 38 episode television series produced by the French television network Canal+.

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