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    Bosnia (Bosnian: Bosna / Босна, pronounced ) is the northern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, encompassing roughly 81% of the country; the other region, the southern part, is Herzegovina. The two regions have formed a geopolitical entity since medieval times, and the name "Bosnia" commonly occurs in historical and geopolitical senses as ...

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    The basis for the creation of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina were laid down by the Washington Agreement of March 1994. Under the agreement, the combined territory held by the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian Defence Council forces was to be divided into ten autonomous cantons along the lines of the Vance-Owen plan.

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    Bosnia-Hercegovinas øverste forvaltningsorgan etter staten, er de to enhetene Republika Srpska og Føderasjonen Bosnia-Hercegovina, og i tillegg til disse, det autonome Brčko-distriktet. Republika Srpska er en sentralisert enhet, med entiteten og kommunene som de eneste administrative forvaltningsnivåer.

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    Bosnia dan Herzegovina, juga dikenal sebagai Republik Bosnia dan Herzegovina [butuh rujukan], adalah sebuah negara di semenanjung Balkan di selatan Eropa seluas 51.129 km² (19.741 mil 2) dengan jumlah penduduk sekitar empat juta jiwa.

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