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  1. production assistant (10 episodes, 2017) Jenaleigh Coote ... production assistant (9 episodes, 2017) Chris Lewis ... production assistant (9 episodes, 2017) Tory Silinski ... production assistant (9 episodes, 2017) Kelly Borgnis ... stand-in: Helen Hunt (8 episodes, 2017) Christian Chamberlin ...

  2. camera supporter (21 episodes, 2017-2019) Bobby Thomas ... key grip (6 episodes, 2019-2022) Jessica Lakoff Cannon ... first assistant camera (19 episodes, 2017-2018) Kenneth E. King ... key grip (19 episodes, 2017-2018) Brandon N. Wilson ... (16 episodes, 2018-2019) James Brownlee ...

  3. Jun 02, 2020 · Shante Melvin, Janeil Davis, Joshua T. Shipman About the Crew Nakia T Hamilton is a director and writer, known for Beautifully Insecure (2017), Secure the Bag (2019), and Let Go and Let God (2019).

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    • Snoop Dogg: Biography
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    • Snoop Dogg Now
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    Snoop Dogg is a musician, producer, actor, who became famous in the late 1990s thanks to his debut album and problems with the police. In his youth, Snoop regularly went to jail. Nowadays, he is a world-famous rapper, successful businessman and exemplary family man.

    Calvin Broadus (the real name of the famous rapper) was born in 1971 in the city of Long Beach. The cute dog in the comics Peanuts is the musician’s favorite character. The mother nicknamed him the name of the cartoon hero. The nickname stuck with the boy, and later, it became a music brand. Snoop has two brothers. The father fought in Vietnam, left the family three months after Calvin’s birth. His grandfather helped the mother to look after the restless boy. When Snoop became famous, he admitted that he could take advantage of the lack of his father's attention. Bitter experience taught the musician not to make such mistakes and helped to become a wonderful father. Snoop began to sing in the church choir. But this does not mean that the future rapper distinguished himself with a humble and easy temper. Neither parents nor choral singing influenced the unruly teenager. It is not surprising, because Calvin grew up in the crime-ridden neighborhood. After graduation from school, the fu...

    The influential producer listened to the demo tape, then began to promote Calvin. In 1992, the film Deep Cover was released, and Snoop Dogg wrote the soundtrack to it. Two years later, the first album was released. Then the young man with a criminal record became popular. The Chronic is the collaboration of Calvin Broadus and Dr. Dre. The album includes G-funk songs, and Snoop Dogg played a leading role in the development of this musical genre. The single “Gin & Juice” of the debut album has become a classic hip-hop song. Later, there was an event in the life of the rapper that increased his popularity. The musician was arrested on murder charges. Then it turned out that Philip Woldemariam was shot by Snoop’s bodyguard who did it for purposes of self-defense. The rapper was acquitted of the charges. But this incident was discussed for a long time, the photos of the young singer appeared in the press. Snoop became more and more famous. The idol of African-American youth topped the si...

    Snoop is a man who always gets in trouble with the law. It is a stage image. In fact, the famous rapper is an exemplary family man. Calvin married Shante Taylor in the mid-1990s. He met her in childhood. Snoop has played basketball from an early age. Perhaps they started relationships thanks to the sport. Shante supported the team, whose member was her future husband. At that time, Snoop was already very tall (his height is 192 cm, and the weight is 85 kg). In 1994, the rapper became the father of a son, Cordé. Three years later, Cordell was born, and in 1999, they had a daughter, Cori. The girl was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus, a rare autoimmune disease. According to the father, despite the illness, Cori remains a cheerful and lively child. Snoop confessed to journalists that because of the concerts he lacked time to communicate with children, nevertheless, he tried to devote every free minute to his family. Snoop and Shante chose the California city of Claremont as their pla...

    In March 2017 there was information about the release of the next album on Snoop's Instagram page. There are more than ten albums in the solo career of the rapper. Dogg also surprised fans with a video for the song "Lavender." In the video, Snoop shot a clown dressed as Donald Trumpwith a toy gun. The musician remixed the song of the Canadian band BadBadNotGood together with DJ Kaytranada. Calvin Broadus plays in films, runs a business, goes on concert tours. There are dozens of projects in his filmography. In 2017, the film Grow House was released, where the rapper played a cameo role. Snoop Dogg also participated in the shooting of the film Future World. His name is mentioned in the cast of the comedy The Beach Bum. In 2018, Snoop Dogg pleased fans with the new EP 220, which songs later were included in the studio album Bible of Love. Judging by the tracks, the veteran rapper became interested in gospel music. In May, Snoop Dogg received a certificate from the Guinness World Recor...

    1993 – Doggystyle
    1996 –Tha Doggfather
    1999 – No Limit Top Dogg
    2002 – Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss
  6. May 07, 2018 · Director: Josiah Kibira. Cast: Erick Baruti, Christina Breidenbach, Carolyn Deters, Mindi Kasiga, Robert Kataraia, Mukama Morandi, Peter Omari, Thecla Mjatta, Ahmed Olotu. Read also. Kate Actress, Mother-In-Law’s Swapo and Alex Mwakideu to Star in New Film Nafsi.

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