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  1. Breach | Valorant Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Breach

    Breach is an Agent in VALORANT. 1 Summary 2 Contracts 2.1 Chapter 1 2.2 Chapter 2 3 Quotes 4 Abilities 4.1 Basic 4.2 Signature 4.3 Ultimate 5 Update History 6 Gallery 7 Trivia 8 References Breach fires powerful, targeted kinetic blasts to aggressively clear a path through enemy ground. The damage and disruption he inflicts ensures no fight is ever fair. Breach's main gimmick is the ability to ...

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  2. Breach - Valorant Wiki Guide - IGN › wikis › valorant

    May 26, 2020 · All Agents in Valorant will come with a set of abilities that will complement their roles on the battlefield. This usually consists of 2 abilities that can be bought, a signature ability, and an...

  3. VALORANT: A Complete Guide To Playing Breach | TheGamer › valorant-breach-guide

    Jun 09, 2020 · If you are looking for a versatile character in VALORANT that can handle both offense and defense pretty well, then Breach is your guy. How Should You Approach Breach? Breach is an initiator, meaning he excels at using his abilities to set up his team to make a push, so don't get greedy and remember to help your team take control of an area.

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  4. Breach/Guides | Valorant Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Breach

    A guide to the play with the Swedish initiator Breach. Breach is a more aggressive initiator, being able to play as a duelist as well as contributing to team play. Their 3 flashes can help take a site with relative ease, and his Aftershock can clear cubbies easily. His Ultimate can be used post plant, and to open up site. 1 Ability Overview 1.1 Aftershock (C) 1.2 Flashpoint (Q) 1.3 Fault line ...

  5. Breach - Valorant Agent Guide - Mobalytics › blog › breach-valorant-agent-guide

    Apr 05, 2020 · Valorant Agent – Breach Overview Breach is a beast of an initiator with abilities that can go through terrain to deal damage and CC enemies. He has the most crowd control with abilities that can blind, knockup, and disorient.

  6. A quick guide to playing Breach! Get to experimenting... 💀 Like, Subscribe and turn notifications ON for more videos! Don't forget to use creator code "My...

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  7. Breach/Quotes | Valorant Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Breach

    The following page is a list of Breach'squotes. 1 Character Selection 2 Match Start 3 Round Start 4 Last Round in the Half 5 Match Point 6 Abilities 6.1 Aftershock 6.2 Flashpoint 6.3 Fault Line 6.4 Rolling Thunder 7 Nobody grabbed theSpike 8 Spike carrier killed 9 Few seconds before barrier drops 10 Kill 10.1 Kill * 10.2 Headshot 10.3 3 Kills 10.4 4 Kills 10.5 Ace 10.6 Last Kill 10.7 Killing ...


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  9. Breach | VALORANT-TR › breach

    The best agents to use with Breach in valorant will have synergy with the Rolling Thunder, Fault Line, Flash Point and Aftershock Ability.

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