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    Brian Harold May CBE (born 19 July 1947) is an English musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, author, astrophysicist, and university administrator. He is the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen . May was a co-founder of Queen with lead singer Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor. May previously performed with Taylor in the band ...

    • Anita Dobson

      Anita Dobson (born 29 April 1949) is an English stage, film...

    • We Will Rock You

      "We Will Rock You" is a song written by Brian May and...

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    Brian May. Brian Harold May, CBE (born 19 July 1947) is an English musician, songwriter and astrophysicist, best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen. He uses a guitar he built himself with the help of his father. The guitar they built is called the "Red Special". Apart from music, May earned his PhD in astrophysics in 2007 and is ...

    • Brian Harold May
    • 19 July 1947, Hampton, Middlesex, England
    • Musician, songwriter, astrophysicist
    • Rock
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    Brian May) — — — — — You Like It Clean: 2006 "Move It" (Cliff Richard feat. Brian May & Brian Bennett) — — — — — Non-album single 2009 "Somebody to Love" (Catherine Porter feat. Brian May) — — — — — Gems for Ruby: 2012 "Rockstar" (Dappy feat. Brian May) 2 99 15 — — UK: Silver: Bad Intentions: 2019 "Blue on ...

    Year of release
    Collaborated with
    "Man from Manhattan"
    Man from Manhattan
    "You Nearly Did Me In"
    All-American Alien Boy
    "Digging My Potatoes"
    Puttin' on the Style
    "Circles" (recorded 1977)
    B-side of the single "Stoking the Fires ...
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    Brian May was an Australian film composer and conductor who was a prominent figure during the Australian New Wave. He is perhaps best known for his scores to Mad Max and Mad Max 2.

    May was born in Adelaide on 28 July 1934. He trained at the Adelaide Elder Conservatorium as a pianist, violinist and conductor. He joined the ABC Adelaide in 1957 and was asked to form and conduct the ABC Adelaide Big Band, a full-blown ensemble that was rated as the best of the ABC state-based bands. He moved to Melbourne when he was 35 to arrange and conduct the ABC's Melbourne Show band. The Show Band made its radio debut on the First Network on 13 March 1969. Background music for Australian

    May died in Melbourne on 25 April 1997 at the age of 62. At the time of his death, May left his collection of music manuscripts to Queensland University of Technology. The manuscripts have since been preserved by the National Library of Australia. His will established the Brian May Trust, a charitable testamentary trust, to provide a scholarship to promising Australian film composers to study film-scoring at the University of Southern California. The Trustees have determined that the scholarship

  5. Brian May has had many girlfriends. Brian dated Christine Mullen for seven years before they got married in 1976. They have three beautiful children together. Sadly, they got divorced in 1976. Brian met Deborah Vidacowich at a rock and roll bar in New Orleans during one of his tours. Although it was a casual relationship, they lasted from 1974 ...

    • 74 years old
    • Brian Harold May
    • July 19, 1947
    • Bri
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    Brian Harold May was born on July 19, 1947, in Hampton, Middlesex, England, to parents Ruth and Harold May. An imaginative teen, May, with the help of his father, built his own homemade guitar, dubbed "The Red Special." The guitar, which was made from makeshift materials including firewood and was played with a six-pence coin for a pick, would later figure prominently in May's musical career. He would go on to play it on every Queen album and live show. The young May received his education at the Hampton Grammar School (now the Hampton School). An exceptional student, after graduation in 1965, he enrolled in the astrophysics program at London Imperial College, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in science. He would finish most of his Ph.D. by 1974 and finally complete it in 2007.

    While at London Imperial College, May formed a rock band called Smile, his passion for music soon trumping his interest in astrophysics. In 1971, May put off completing his Ph.D. to hit the road with his band, renaming the group Queen—a name that was to become legendary in the world of rock 'n' roll. May performed as a lead guitarist, vocalist and occasional songwriter. The band's lead vocalist, Freddie Mercury, also played the piano. John Deacon was on bass guitar, while Roger Taylorcovered drums and vocals.

    In 2005, May and Taylor reunited for a tour, with Paul Rodgers on vocals. They released a studio album, Cosmo Rocks, in 2008. In 2012, May and Taylor returned to the stage once again, this time with American Idolrocker Adam Lambert on vocals. The revamped Queen went on a major world tour with Lambert from June 2014 through September 2015, and continued to perform together in the following years.

    Continuing with his life-long interest in astrophysics, May collaborated with other astrophysicists to analyze data from the Pluto New Horizons probe at NASA in 2015. He is an avid collector of stereoscopic photography, a type of 3D imaging, and owns the London Stereoscopic Company. “My geekiness is bottomless when it comes to stereo,” he told The Telegraphin 2014. May has authored and co-authored a number of books over his career, including: MgI Emission in the Night Sky Spectrum (1972), Brian May: Back to the Light (1993), Bang! The Complete History of the Universe (2007), A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud (2008), A Village Lost and Found: "Scenes in Our Village" by T. R. Williams. An Annotated Tour of the 1850s Series of Stereo Photograph (2009), Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell (2013), Brian May's Red Special (2013), How to Read the Solar System: A Guide to the Stars and Planets (2015) and Crinoline: Fashion's Most Magnificent Disaster(2016). Th...

    May has one son, Jimmy, and two daughters, Louisa and Emily, with wife Chrissie Mullen, whom he married in 1974. After they parted ways, he married Anita Dobson in 2000.

    The guitarist suffered what he described as a near-fatal heart attack after a gardening accident in May 2020, before recovering and deeming himself "ready to rock."

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    In a highly qualified family of Hampton, the United Kingdom Brian Harold May was born in the year 1947. In 2019, his age is 72 years old. Her mother Ruth Irving was a housewife whereas her father Harold R. May worked as a draughtsman. Actually his dad is English whereas his mom is Scottish. Brian has no sibling and is the only child of his parents. The birthday of this living legend falls on 19 July. May has a very brilliant mind because of which he used to have high school grades. He did his high school graduation from Hampton Grammar School. He attended Imperial College London, where he studied Physics and science. After that, he started pursuing his Ph.D. but he dropped the idea as he wanted to focus on his music career.

    The guitarist has a very distinctive hairstyle. He kept this hairstyle from his youth years till now. Many young men tried to copy this style. Brian May is a tall man because his height is 6 feet 1.5 inches (186.5 cm). He is a health freak person and if we believe in the sources he is very choosy after the food. He keeps control over calorie intake and maybe this is why his weight is 78 kg. During his performances, he used to wear a t-shirt or a shirt with open buttons. Now he has changed his style as he wears a long coat now.

    In 1976 he married Chrissie Mullen. They both stayed with each other for 12 years and took divorce in 1988. It is said they came into relation in 1974 and after two years of dating they decided to live together. The couple even has three kids named Jimmy May, Louisa May, and Emily Ruth May. Later he met with actress Anita Dobson in the late ’80s. She helped him from recovering the deteriorating mental state. In the year 2000 after 14 years of informal relationship, they both got married. Now they both live together and even appear at events.

    He started his career by forming a band named “Smile” with Roger Taylor & Tim Staffell in the year 1968.
    The band existed only till 1970 as after 2 years Tim left the band for his own projects.
    In the year 1970 Brian formed another band named “queen” with Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon.
    They usually performed pop-rock and arena rock music as it was radio-friendly.
    • 72 years old.
    • Brian Harold May.
    • 19 July 1947.
    • Bri.
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    Brian May perusti vuonna 1968 yhdessä ystävänsä Roger Taylorin ja Tim Staffellin kanssa yhtyeen nimeltä Smile. Kun Staffell pari vuotta myöhemmin lähti yhtyeestä, sen laulajaksi pestautui Freddie Mercury, ja samalla yhtyeen nimeksi vaihdettiin Queen. May kirjoitti ja sävelsi monet tunnetuimmista Queenin hittikappaleista, kuten ”Tie Your Mother Down” (1976), ”We Will Rock You” (1977), ”Hammer to Fall” (1984), ”Who Wants to Live Forever” (1986), ”I Want It All” (1989) ja ”The Show Must Go On” (1991). May myös lauloi useissa Queenin kappaleissa osan lauluosuuksista. Muutamilla Queenin kappaleilla May soitti muitakin soittimia kuin kitaraa. Esimerkiksi albumilla A Night at the Opera hän soittaa ukulelea kappaleessa ”Good Company” ja harppua kappaleessa ”Love of My Life”, albumilla The Game puolestaan pianoa kappaleessa ”Save Me”. 1980-luvun loppupuolella May kärsi avioeronsa ja isänsä kuoleman seurauksena masennuksesta ja itsemurha-ajatuksista. Freddie Mercuryn kuoltua vuonna 1991 ja Qu...

    Mayn omintakeinen kitarasoundi perustuu suurelta osin hänen kitaraansa (”Red Special”), jonka hän rakensi 16-vuotiaana isänsä kanssa hyvin tiiviistä, 1700-luvulta peräisin olleesta huonekalupuusta. May porasi kitaran runkoon akustisia taskuja, joiden aiheuttama resonointi saa aikaan hyvin omintakeisen soundin. Kitarassa on Burnsin TriSonic -yksikelaiset mikrofonit. May on käyttänyt tätä samaa kitaraa koko uransa. Tavallisen plektran sijaan hän käyttää kielten näppäilyyn vanhaa englantilaista kuuden pennyn kolikkoa. Mayn kitarasoundiin vaikuttavat myös hänen käyttämänsä useat, yhtaikaisesti stereofekteihin kytketyt Vox AC-30 -putkivahvistimet, sekä John Deaconinrakentama ”Deacy”-minivahvistin. Maylla on myös tunnettu käden ylösvievä voimasointuliike, jota hän käyttää usein.

    Vuonna 2005 Brian Maylle myönnettiin arvonimi CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) ansioista musiikin saralla. May on toiminut myös useissa hyväntekeväisyyshankkeissa, kuten AIDS:n vastaiset Mercury Phoenix Trust ja Nelson Mandelan 46664. Kesäkuussa 2007 May viimeisteli 35 vuotta kesken olleen astrofysiikan tohtorinväitöskirjansa, joka koskee eläinratavalon Doppler-ilmiötä. Hän sai tohtorin arvonimen astrofysiikasta 2008. Hän on kirjoittanut myös yhdessä Sir Patrick Mooren ja Chris Lintottin kanssa kirjan Bang! Maailmankaikkeuden historia (engl. Bang! The History of Universe, suomeksi kustantanut Ajatus Kirjat 2007), joka käsittelee kosmologiaa. Kaksi Brian Mayn kirjoittamaa tieteellistä artikkelia on lisäksi julkaistu Nature-tiedelehdessä. May on naimisissa näyttelijä Anita Dobsonin kanssa. Hänellä on edellisestä avioliitostaan kolme lasta: James ”Jimmy” (s. 1978), Louisa (s. 1981) ja Emily Ruth (s. 1987). May on kasvissyöjä. May ei tupakoi ja yhtyetovereistaan Freddi...

    Star Fleet Project(”Brian May and Friends”, 1983)
    Another World(1998)

    May, Brian & Moore, Patrick & Lintott, Chris: Bang! Maailmankaikkeuden historia. (Bang! The complete history of the universe, 2007.) Suomentanut Raine Karjalainen. Helsingissä: Ajatus, 2007. ISBN 9...

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    Com uma carreira musical que abrange quatro décadas, Brian May é um compositor e guitarrista de renome mundial, com a produção e créditos em gravações, que venderam mais de 100 milhões de cópias em todo o mundo. Brian já escreveu 22 sucessos mundiais para o Queen, entre eles os hinos "We Will Rock You", "The Show Must Go On" e "I Want It All", e baladas poderosas, incluindo "Who Wants To Live Forever", "No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)", e "Save Me". Como artista solo respeitado e de sucesso, Brian possui dois discos solo: Back To The Light (1992), com as músicas "Too Much Love Will Kill You" e "Driven By You", ambos vencedores do Prêmio Ivor Novello, e Another World, de 1998. Suas canções continuam a influenciar novas gerações de artistas e tem inspirado gravações de artistas tão diversos como Elton John, Def Leppard, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Shirley Bassey e Eminem. Brian tem desfrutado de colaborações com vários artistas, incluindo Robbie Williams, Foo Fighters,...

    Tocou a música All The Young Dudes com Mott the Hoopleem dez/73.
    Participação especial ao lado do Black Sabbath em jan/81 tocando as músicas Paranoid e Children Of The Grave. Em set/89 e em set/90, tocou Heaven And Hellao lado da banda.
    Nos anos 80, Brian fez várias participações especiais ao lado da banda Bad News que também contava com participações de Jeff Beck e em outras ocasiões Jimmy Page.
    Nos anos 80 ainda, Brian foi convidado para participação especial em shows de bandas como Marillion, Heart, Jerry Lee Lewis e Def Leppard.

    Brian May graduou-se bacharel em física pelo Imperial College London, com honras de ser o segunda classe. Entre 1970 e 1974, cursou doutorado no Imperial College London.[8] Quando o Queen começou a ter sucesso internacional em 1974, ele abandonou seus estudos de doutorado, mas foi co-autor de duas pesquisa publicadas em periódicos científicos de grande respeito, a Nature[9] e Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.[10] Em outubro de 2006, May tornou a se matricular no Imperial College London para concluir o doutorado. Apresentou sua tese em agosto de 2007 (um ano antes do que ele estimava que levaria para concluir). Além de redigir o trabalho anterior que ele havia feito, May teve que revisar o trabalho sobre a poeira zodiacal nos últimos 33 anos. A tese revisada (intitulada "A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud")[11] foi aprovada em setembro de 2007, cerca de 37 anos depois de ter sido iniciada. Seu doutorado investigou a velocidade radial através de...

    Brian May possui um filho e duas filhas, que são: 1. Jimmy May (nascido em 15 de junho de 1978). 2. Louise (nascida em 22 de maio de 1981). 3. Emily Ruth (nascida em 17 de fevereiro de 1987).

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    Brian Harold May CBE (* 19. července 1947, Hampton, Anglie) je uznávaný britský rockový kytarista a astrofyzik známý hlavně svým působením v rockové kapele Queen. Věnuje se astrofyzice, mezi lety 2008–2012 byl kancléřem liverpoolské Univerzity Johna Moorese.

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