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  1. Charles Wesley. Charles Wesley junior. Samuel Wesley (composer, born 1766) Abiell Whichello. Aaron Williams (composer) Charles Henry Wilton. Categories: 18th-century British musicians. British composers by century.

  2. William (brother) Thomas Linley the younger (7 May 1756 – 5 August 1778), also known as Thomas Linley Junior or Tom Linley, was the eldest son of the composer Thomas Linley and his wife Mary Johnson. He was one of the most precocious composers and performers that have been known in England. [1] A highly talented violinist, Tom Linley was also ...

  3. Early Years. Thomas Linley the younger (the ‘English Mozart’) was born at the Abbey Green, Bath on 7th May 1756 and was baptised at St. James’s Church, Bath on 11th June. He was the third child and second son of the composer, harpsichordist and singing teacher Thomas Linley (1733-1795) and his wife Mary.

  4. The first of these was ‘Cornus’ which was first performed at Drury Lane Theatre on 4th March 1738. It was performed many times during Arne’s lifetime and remained popular for a century after his death. It became a model for what was recognised as typical English music. 1740. Two years later in 1740 the second masque was performed; The ...

  5. Feb 4, 2023 · The little-known composer Thomas Linley Junior, born in 1756 (the same year as his friend Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) and dying in 1778 in the most bizarre circumstances, had an even shorter life ...

  6. W. John Wainwright (composer) Robert Wainwright (composer) John Weldon (musician) Robert Woodcock. Categories: 18th-century English musicians. 18th-century British composers. English composers by century.

  7. Dr. Thomas Augustine Arne was born March 12, 1710, in London; became early celebrated as a composer, and established his reputation by settling Milton's "Comus" to music - light, airy, and original; he composed many songs, and nearly all his attempts were successful; died March 5, 1778, aged 68.

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