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  1. British National Party (BNP) er et højreradikalt britisk politisk parti, grundlagt i 1982 af John Tyndall. Partileder har siden den 21. juli 2014 være Adam Walker , der overtog posten efter den tidligere mangeårige formand Nick Griffin .

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  3. The True Whig Party, which for a century dominated Liberia, was named for the American party rather than directly for the British one. Two-party system [ edit ] In A Block for the Wigs (1783), caricaturist James Gillray caricatured Charles James Fox 's return to power in a coalition with Frederick North, Lord North ( George III is the blockhead ...

  4. General election, 11 June 1987. With party finances strained, leader John Tyndall decided not to fight this election. The party's Bromley officer Alf Waite and West Kent chief Michael Easter both broke rank and stood as candidates and, despite attempts by Tyndall to maintain unity, some of Waite and Easter's supporters split from the BNP to join the Flag Group after the election.

  5. In June 2017, 63.2% of respondents in Wales defined their national identity as 'Welsh'. Identity and politics. In a 1998 poll, 37% of Scottish National Party voters stated themselves to be "Scottish, not British", the rest demonstrating some form of British identity, with the most popular choice being "More Scottish than British" (41%).

  6. Labour Party conferences now include more "keynote" addresses, guest speakers and question-and-answer sessions, while specific discussion of policy now takes place in the National Policy Forum. The Labour Party is an unincorporated association without a separate legal personality, and the Labour Party Rule Book legally regulates the ...

  7. The National Front (NF) is a far-right, fascist political party in the United Kingdom.It is currently led by Tony Martin. As a minor party, it has never had its representatives elected to the British or European Parliaments, although it gained a small number of local councillors through defections and it has had a few of its representatives elected to community councils.

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