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  1. British National Party (BNP) er et højreradikalt britisk politisk parti, grundlagt i 1982 af John Tyndall.Partileder har siden den 21. juli 2014 være Adam Walker, der overtog posten efter den tidligere mangeårige formand Nick Griffin.

  2. The British Socialist Party (BSP) was a Marxist political organisation established in Great Britain in 1911. Following a protracted period of factional struggle, in 1916 the party's anti-war forces gained decisive control of the party and saw the defection of its pro-war right wing.

  3. In a 1998 poll, 37% of Scottish National Party voters stated themselves to be "Scottish, not British", the rest demonstrating some form of British identity, with the most popular choice being "More Scottish than British" (41%). This conclusion was again put forward in 2002, with similar figures cited.

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