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  1. The British National Party (BNP) was founded by the extreme-right political activist John Tyndall. Tyndall had been involved in neo-Nazi groups since the late 1950s before leading the far-right National Front (NF) throughout most of the 1970s. Following an argument with senior party member Martin Webster, he resigned from the NF in 1980.

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  3. British National Party (BNP) er et højreradikalt britisk politisk parti, grundlagt i 1982 af John Tyndall.Partileder har siden den 21. juli 2014 være Adam Walker, der overtog posten efter den tidligere mangeårige formand Nick Griffin.

  4. British National Party. Crime. National Action co-founder ‘was a Ukip activist while forming group’ UK Politics. PM backs levelling up adviser in ‘indigenous British’ controversy.

  5. The British Socialist Party (BSP) was a Marxist political organisation established in Great Britain in 1911. Following a protracted period of factional struggle, in 1916 the party's anti-war forces gained decisive control of the party and saw the defection of its pro-war right wing.

  6. British raj, period of direct British rule over the Indian subcontinent from 1858 until the independence of India and Pakistan in 1947. The raj succeeded management of the subcontinent by the British East India Company, after general distrust and dissatisfaction with company leadership resulted in a widespread mutiny of sepoy troops in 1857, causing the British to reconsider the structure of ...

  7. Most Afrikaners were against South African participation in World War 1 on the side of the British. Therefore, when South Africa was asked to invade German South West Africa (SWA) in August 1914 there was opposition from the ranks of the newly formed National Party (NP), and even from some who were part of the South African government.

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