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  1. THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY (BNP) GOES STRAIGHT The depth of the crisis facing Israel and other Western nations from Moslem terrorism, and more profoundly from Moslem immigration, is such that some unconventional political allies deserve a glance they would not otherwise merit.

  2. On the British National Party’s “Pro-Israel” Turn. by Edmund Standing. February 24, 2009. In January of this year, BNP leader Nick Griffin was interviewed by the Tel Aviv daily Ma’ariv and declared that he now has ‘no time for anti-Semites’. A few days later, he penned an article for the BNP website in which he claimed that although ‘ [t]he fighting in Gaza is not a proper concern for a British political party’ he nonetheless felt that ‘while we would oppose any move to ...

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  4. Jun 06, 2022 · Likud, Hebrew in full Likud-Liberalim Leumi, English Unity-National Liberals, right-wing Israeli political party. It was founded in September 1973 to challenge the Israel Labour Party, which had governed the country since its independence in 1948, and first came to power in 1977, with Menachem Begin as prime minister.

  5. Apr 09, 2018 · UK Labour party approves new review process for anti-Semitism. Arutz Sheva North America Staff 28.09.21.

  6. The following parties changed their names. Banai became Tehiya-Bnai, then Tehiya. Emunim became Tkuma. Equality in Israel-Panthers became the Unity Party. Flatto-Sharon became Development and Peace. Hitkhabrut became the Renewed Religious National Zionist Party, then Ahi. Israel in the Centre became the Centre Party.

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