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  1. The British National Party (BNP) is a far-right political party in the United Kingdom formed as a splinter group from the National Front by John Tyndall in 1982 and was led by Nick Griffin from September 1999 to July 2014. Its current chairman is Adam Walker.

  2. The British National Party(BNP) was a neo-Nazipolitical party in the United Kingdom. It was led by John Bean. The group, which was subject to internal divisions during its brief history, established some areas of local support before helping to form the National Frontin 1967.

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  4. The British National Party (or BNP for short) is a far-right political party in the United Kingdom. The party's policies promote an end to Third World immigration, right-wing populism and Third position economics. They are British nationalists. They want to "keep Britain British" by not letting people from other countries move to the UK.

  5. Shavim (Community) - Founded in 2018 as an LGBT party The Greens Telem [3] Tzeirim Boarim (Youths on Fire) - A Big tent party founded in 2022 by Hadar Muchtar with the purpose of combating the rising cost of living. [4] Tzomet (held seats between 1987 and 1999; for the 1996 elections, it formed a joint "National Camp List" with Likud and Gesher)

  6. British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) is the pseudoarchaeological, pseudohistorical [1] and pseudoreligious [2] belief that the people of Great Britain are "genetically, racially, and linguistically the direct descendants" of the Ten Lost Tribes of ancient Israel. [3]

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