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  1. This list holds details on members as well as contact information for other individuals, the latter being held for unknown and in some cases dubious reasons in the database of the BNP. Please see British National Party membership and contacts list, 2007-2008 for more information.

  2. There are slightly over 16,000 unique membership numbers in the "April 15 Updated" spreadsheet, and based on membership number ID's, around 35,000 memberships ever awarded. Based on unique name+postcode there are around 12,000 entries. A notable feature of the April 15 sheet, is that once membership numbers reached a little over 33,000, new ...

  3. After that election, UKIP, the Liberal Democrats, and the Green Party of England and Wales, ...

    Political Position
    Conservatism Economic liberalism British ...
    Labour Party Co-operative Party
    1900 1917 (Co-op)
    Social democracy Democratic socialism
    Scottish nationalism Scottish ...
    Centre to centre-left
    Liberalism Social liberalism ...
  4. Nov 18, 2008 · British National Party (BNP) membership and contacts list. The BNP is a "far right" party, whose members are banned by the UK civil service from a number of government occupations. 12,801 individuals are represented. Contains contact details of all or nearly all party members and some other individuals.

    • Parties in England
    • Parties in Scotland
    • Parties in Wales
    • Parties in Northern Ireland
    • Minor Political Parties in The United Kingdom

    The most significant political parties in England: 1. Conservative Party - A centre-right party which promotes British conservatismand unionism. 2. Labour Party - A centre-left party which promotes social democracy and democratic socialism. 3. Liberal Democrats - A centrist party which promotes liberalism and federalism. 4. Green Party of England a...

    There are two types of parties in Scotland; pro-independence parties and British unionist parties. Pro-independence parties want to create an independent Scotland, outside of the United Kingdom and British unionists want to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom. Parties represented in the Scottish Parliamentare:

    Parties represented in the Welsh Assembly are: 1. Welsh Labour Party - A centre-left party which promotes social democracy and democratic socialism. 2. Plaid Cymru - A centre-left party which promotes social democracy, democratic socialismand the creation of an independent Wales, free from the United Kingdom. 3. Welsh Conservative Party - A centre-...

    There are two main types of political parties in Northern Ireland; Republicans and Unionists. Republicans want Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom and join with the Republic of Ireland. Unionists want to keep Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom and there are parties who are open-minded about the issue. Parties represented in the Norther...

    British National Party - A far-right party which promotes policies of anti-immigration, right-wing populism and Third position economics.
    Northern Independence Party - A party that supports northern Englandbecoming an independent country.
    English Democrats - An England-only party that promotes federalism, conservatism and the separation of Englandfrom Scotland and Wales.
    Traditional Unionist Voice - A right-wingparty in Northern Ireland that promotes social conservatism, Euroscepticism, British unionism and the abolition of the all-party government in Northern Irel...
  5. British National Party membership and contacts list, SQL, 2007-2008. Was first publicly revealed by WikiLeaks working with our source. Was classified, confidential, censored or otherwise withheld from the public before release. Is of political, diplomatic, ethical or historical significance. Any questions about this document's veracity are noted.

  6. 16 May 1730 – 11 Feb 1742. Walpole ministry. Townshend left the government. 1734 general election. 1741 general election. 12 Feb 1742 – 24 Nov 1744. Carteret ministry. 1742 vote of no confidence in the Walpole ministry. The Earl of Wilmington.

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