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  1. There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam recognized by the Vietnamese government. Each ethnicity has their own language, traditions, and subculture. The largest ethnic groups are: Kinh 85.32%, Tay 1.92%, Thái 1.89%, Mường 1.51%, Hmong 1.45%, Khmer 1.37%, Nùng 1.13%, Dao 0.93%, Hoa 0.78%, with all others comprising the remaining 3.7% (2019 census).

    • Bahnar People

      The Bahnar or Ba-Na {(Vietnamese pronunciation: ) Branch...

    • Stieng People

      The Stieng people (Vietnamese: Xtiêng) are an ethnic group...

    • Sán Chay

      The San Chay people (Vietnamese: Người Sán Chay; also called...

    • Xo Dang People

      The Sedang people (In Vietnamese: Xê Đăng or Xơ Đăng) are an...

    • Bouyei People

      The Bouyei (also spelled Puyi, Buyei and Buyi; self called:...

  2. As a result of the political scandal, many institutions and elected politicians publicly affirmed that these individuals, while not legally holding British citizenship or nationality, were, in fact, British people. These included British Prime Minister Theresa May, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Her Majesty's CPS Inspectorate Wendy Williams and her House of Commons-ordered Windrush Lessons Learned Review, the Chartered Institute of Housing, Amnesty International, University of Oxford's social ...

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  4. The number of people who described themselves as white in terms of population group and specified their first language as English in South Africa's 2011 Census was 1,603,575. The total white population with a first language specified was 4,461,409 and the total population was 51,770,560. ↑ FREYRE, G. Ingleses no Brasil ↑ Gilberto Freyre.

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  5. people = vi dân Bản dịch Động từ Người dich Cụm từ & mẫu câu open_in_new EN Nghĩa của "people" trong tiếng Việt volume_up people {danh} VI dân dân chúng người dân tộc tộc volume_up people {nhiều} VI người người ta mọi người bá tánh bách tính volume_up boat people {danh} VI người tỵ nạn bằng thuyền volume_up common people {nhiều} VI bách tính

  6. Tra từ 'British' trong từ điển Tiếng Việt miễn phí và các bản dịch Việt khác. - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar share

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