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      • In US and other keyboard layouts, you can use Shift + Alt + 3 or Shift + Alt + 4 keys to type £. You can hold the alt key and type 163 to make British pound sign £. If 163 does not work, use 0 in the front like alt + 0163. Learn more on how to use alt codes in different devices.
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  2. Feb 11, 2022 · To insert the Pound sign or symbol in a Word document using an Alt code keyboard shortcut: Position the cursor where you want to insert the Pound symbol. Press and hold Alt + 0163 or Alt + 156 on the numeric keypad. If the sequence doesn't work, press NumLock on the numeric keypad.

  3. In this video, I will show you 2 different ways ways of entering the £. One is by holding the alt key and the pressing 156 on the the num lock or holding the alt key and Show more US vs UK Layout...

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  4. Jul 4, 2022 · If your keyboard has a UK layout, the British pound symbol (£) is located on the number 3 key. To insert the pound sterling symbol on such a keyboard, simply press and hold Shift + 3. With Alt Codes If your keyboard has a US layout, it won’t have a dedicated key for the pound sterling symbol.

  5. The Pound Symbol alt code is 0163. Even though the Pound Sterling symbol does not have a ...

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