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    The pound sign £ is the symbol for the pound unit of sterling – the currency of the United Kingdom and previously of Great Britain and of the Kingdom of England.The same symbol is used for other currencies called pound, such as the Gibraltar, Egyptian, Manx and Syrian pounds.

  2. Copy and paste GBP Pound symbol from symbol selector below. GBP Pound sign - Pound Sterling symbol stands for British currency that is 4-th most traded currency in the world after $ USD, € Euro and ¥ Japanese yen JPY. To learn to type text £ Pound GPB symbol right from your keyboard, read below.

  3. The UK keyboard has 1 more key than the U.S. keyboard (UK=62, US=61, on the typewriter keys, 102 v 101 including function and other keys, 105 vs 104 on models with Windows keys) The Alt key to the right of the space bar is replaced by an AltGr key; the extra key is added next to the Enter key to accommodate # (number sign) and ~

  4. The result is the pound sign inserted in cell C2, before the number. Excel automatically formats the cell as a currency. Now you can use the Format Painter to add the pound sign to the rest of the values in Column C. Note: To store the pound symbol as a character in the cell rather than a displayed format, change the cell format to text first.

  5. The pronunciation of "#" as "pound" is common in the US but a bad idea; Commonwealth Hackish has its own, rather more apposite use of "pound sign" (confusingly, on British keyboards the pound graphic happens to replace "#"; thus Britishers sometimes call "#" on a US-ASCII keyboard "pound", compounding the American error).

  6. Make sure you selected the right keyboard layout. Go to System Settings, click on Keyboard Layout. On the Layout tab you should see a + button. Select the most appropriate keyboard layout as shown bellow. I am not using a Macbook, but the first layout worked as you described to type @. I suppose you are using Ubuntu 11.10.

  7. pound sign; pound key; pound; hex; octothorpe; hash (British English) On the keyboard The number sign ( # ) is made on an American keyboard by holding the SHIFT key and pressing the number 3 on the top number line. The number sign can also be inserted into a document by choosing INSERT SYMBOL and selecting the # symbol. Number Sign

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