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    • Broadcasting Equipment | OEC - The Observatory of Economic ...
      • Broadcasting Equipment are a part of Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers; television.... They include Transmit-receive apparatus for radio, TV, etc., Television cameras, and Transmission apparatus for radio, telephone and TV.
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  2. Broadcasting Equipment | OEC - The Observatory of Economic Complexity Broadcasting Equipment Transmission apparatus for radio-broadcasting or television, whether or not incorporating reception apparatus or sound recording or reproducing apparatus; television cameras, digital cameras and video camera recorders

  3. broadcasting equipment means any equipment or device which is used for any electrical, electronic, mechanical, or inanimate or animate mans of broadcasting; Sample 1 Based on 1 documents Save Copy More Definitions of broadcasting equipment

  4. There are many similarities between the equipment used in both radio and television broadcast. Both are going to use station microwave receivers, relays, and satellite dishes. This equipment is used to send the information from the stations to local homes in the broadcast region.

  5. Television Broadcasting Equipment TV TRANSMITTERS The Transmitters EDX and EDFX series are available for all VHF and UHF bands with an output power from 2W to 3000W EXCITERS The transmitter is available with output powers of 10W, 30 and 50W for all Television Standards, on VHF I, VHF III and UHF bands TRANSPOSERS

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