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    To type the Broken Heart Symbol on Word for Windows, simply press down the Alt key and type 128148using the numeric keypad, then let go of the Alt key. This shortcut works only in MS Word. The below table contains all the information you need to type this Symbol on the keyboard on Word for Windows PC. The quick guide above provides some useful shortcuts and alt codes on how to type the Broken Heart symbol in Word on Windows. For more details, below are some other methods you can also use to insert this symbol into your work such as Word or Excel document.

    Microsoft Office provides several methods for typing Broken Heart Symbolor inserting symbols that do not have dedicated keys on the keyboard. In this section, I will make available for you 3 different methods you can use to type or insert this and any other symbol on your PC, like in MS Word for Windows. Without any further ado, let’s get started. See Also: How to type Love Symbol in Word

    The Broken Heart Symbol alt code is 128148. Even though this Symbol has no dedicated key on the keyboard, you can still type it on the keyboard with the Alt code method. To do this, press and hold the Alt key whilst pressing the Broken Heart Alt code (i.e. 128148) using the numeric keypad. This method works on Windows only. And your keyboard must also have a numeric keypad. Below is a break-down of the steps you can take to type the Broken HeartSign on your Windows PC: 1. Place your insertion pointer where you need the Broken Heart Symboltext. 2. Press and hold one of the Alt keys on your keyboard. 3. Whilst holding on to the Alt key, press the Broken Heart Symbol’s alt code (128148). You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code. If you are using a laptop without the numeric keypad, this method may not work for you. On some laptops, there’s a hidden numeric keypad which you can enable by pressing Fn+NmLkon the keyboard. 4. Release the Alt key after typing the Alt code to ins...

    Another easy way to get the Broken Heart Symbol on any PC is to use my favorite method: copy and paste. All you have to do is to copy the symbol from somewhere like a web page, or the character map for windows users, and head over to where you need the symbol (say in Word or Excel), then hit Ctrl+V to paste. Below is the symbol for you to copy and paste into your Word document. Just select it and press Ctrl+C to copy, switch over to Microsoft Word, place your insertion pointer at the desired location, and press Ctrl+V to paste. ???? Alternatively, just use the copy button at the beginning of this post.

    As you can see, there are several different methods you can use to type the Broken HeartSign in Microsoft Word. Using the alt code shortcut for Word makes the fastest option for this task. Shortcuts are always fast. Thank you very much for reading this blog. If you have anything thing to say or questions to ask concerning the Broken Heart Symbol, please drop it in the comments.

  2. Copy and Paste Broken Heart(Sign/mark) and HTML-code › copy-broken-heart-symbol

    Broken Heart (Symbol/sign/mark) Preview and HTML-code With this tool, you can adjust the size, color, italic, and bold of Broken Heart (symbol), then you can copy and paste it. This tool is very convenient to help you preview the symbol, including viewing the details of the symbol display and the effect displayed on the web page.

  3. Broken Heart 💔 - Fancy Text Symbols (Copy Paste)🔥 HotSymbol › symbol › broken-heart

    Make sure you switch on the Num Lock from the keyboard and you type the number from the Numpad and not from the top row of the keyboard. Hold down the left Alt Key from your keyboard. Type the Alt code number 128148 and release the Alt key. Once you release the Alt key, the 💔 symbol will be displayed.

  4. Use it when your or somebody’s heart is broken by ❤️️ Love, by a person or by some situation. Of course there is another meaning, not so suffering and 😔 Sad. You can use this emoji as a sarcastic joke, don’t forget in this case to underline your intonation with appropriate emoji such as 😅 Grinning Face With Sweat. +add

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  6. Cool text art /̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ˙·٠˙·💔💔💔 (Broken heart), text symbol to copy and paste for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Twitch, Blogger, Wordpress

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    A love heart, broken in two. This emoji represents the aching one feels when they are missing the person they love. Broken Heart was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

  8. A Broken Heart can be used as an emoji to show broken feelings, missing someone or living an unshared love. A Beating Heart is usually presented as a red or pink heart with a few vibration lines above it. This is one of the heart symbols, which can be used to represent love and life inspired by love.

  9. Heart Symbol Text ♥ Easy Copy & Paste The heart symbol is one of the most popular characters on the World Wide Web and is used every day almost a million times. No wonder – it is considered simple expression of love, friendship and solidarity.

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    Heart Symbols ♡ ♥ 💞 💘 💕 💓 💝 💗 Get all Heart symbols ♡ ♥ 💞 💘 💕 💓 💝 💗 and alt code for heart symbol. You can copy and paste heart symbols from the below list or use the alt codes to insert heart text symbol in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    Alt Code
    Heavy Black Heart Symbol
    Rotated Heavy Black Heart Bullet Symbol
    White Heart Suit Symbol
    Black Heart Suit Symbol
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