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  1. Brushy Bill Roberts - Wikipedia

    Brushy Bill Roberts (August 26, 1879 – December 27, 1950; claimed date of birth December 31, 1859) also known as William Henry Roberts, Ollie Partridge William Roberts, Ollie N. Roberts or Ollie L. Roberts, attracted attention by claiming to be the western outlaw William H. Bonney, also known as Billy the Kid.

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    • William H. Bonney (alias, Billy the Kid, allegedly), Henry Antrim, Henry McCarty, Oliver L. Roberts
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  2. The story of Brushy Bill Roberts became the inspiration for the opening scene in hit movie "Young Guns II" starring Emilio Estevez as Billy the Kid. Also Consider that Pat Garrett was denied his reward for killing the kid for many months, and that only a special act of the legislature allowed him to finally receive it.

  3. Brushy Bill Roberts: The Man Who Claimed To Be Billy The Kid

    Dec 25, 2018 · Brushy Bill Roberts claimed he’d been born William Henry Roberts, in Buffalo Gap, Texas. Early in life, he adopted the nickname Billy the Kid. After he escaped from prison in 1881, he’d adopted the name Oliver P. Roberts, which he lived under for the rest of his life until his death in 1950.

  4. Brushy Bill Roberts | Unsolved Mysteries Wiki | Fandom

    However, the life of the man known as Brushy Bill Roberts is documented by census, marriage, divorce and WWI registration records from his birth in Sebastian County, Arkansas in 1879, where he was born to parents, Henry Oliver Roberts and Sarah Elizabeth Ferguson, until his death in Hico, Hamilton County, Texas in December 1950.

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    Hico's Billy the Kid Museum speculates that Billy moved to Texasin 1883, two years after his supposed death in New Mexico. He went by the name William Henry Roberts, but most folks just called him Brushy Bill. Sue Land, director of the Billy the Kid museum in Hico, says the best piece of evidence that Billy the Kid escaped Fort Sumner unscathed is Pat Garrett's own deputy. "When the deputy United States Marshal that was with Pat Garrett at the time rolled the body over, he looked up at Pat Garrett. It's recorded in the Marshal's office in New Mexico that he told Pat Garrett 'You've killed the wrong man,'" Land tells Wide Open Country. Land says since Garrett shot in the dark, it's likely that he mistakenly shot another man that night. The man Garrett killed reportedly had a full beard, while Billy only sported peach fuzz. Unwilling to admit his mistake, Garrett identified the young man as Billy the Kid and buried him. "He was going to bury Billy the Kid and that's what he did," Land...

    The only way to solve the mystery is to perform a DNA test on the remains of Brushy Bill and the body buried in Billy the Kid's New Mexico grave. Then, scientists could match the results with a DNA sample taken from the body of Billy the Kid's mother, Catherine Antrim. In 2003, Texasand New Mexico officials attempted to do just that. There was just one problem: all the grave markers in the Fort Sumner cemetery were washed away in a 1904 flood. If the real Billy the Kid is buried in New Mexico, no one knows where the body -- or the body of his mother -- is actually located. Brushy Bill is buried 20 minutes outside of Hico in Hamilton, Texas. Brushy still gets plenty of visitors, many leaving him coins and bullet casings in honor of his outlaw status.

    Though Roberts' claim takes on more twists and turns than a Texascountry road, outlaw Billy the Kid is still one of the most beloved figures of the Old West. And he's still keeping people guessing. Land says the museum receives visitors from all over the world, which is pretty fervent support for a man who is thought to have killed 21 men in his short life. "He was an outlaw and a killer, according to everything that was written about him," Land says. "(Visitors) say 'Well, we're not rooting for the killer, we're rooting for the 14-year-old kid to have made it out and had a life.'" This article was originally published in 2016.

  5. Brushy Bill Roberts: The man who claimed to be Billy the Kid ...

    Aug 27, 2016 · Billy the Kid The story of a man named Ollie Roberts, a.k.a. Brushy Bill, was different. Billy the Kid went by several other names, including Henry McCarty and William Henry Bonney, but in 1949 another name was added to the long list of his aliases: Brushy Bill Roberts.

  6. Brushy Bill Roberts aka Billy the Kid FAQs - The Truth About ...

    WHO WAS BRUSHY BILL ROBERTS? To many in the small town of Hico, TX, Brushy Bill Roberts was simply a local frontier character. By the time he came to Hico, Brushy Bill was more than seventy years old. He spent most of his time chatting up the locals downtown and telling stories of his life on the frontier.

  7. Billy vs. Brushy - About

    Here's a brief summarization of Brushy Bill Roberts: In the late year of 1949 William Morrison of a law firm heard that Billy the Kid was not killed in Fort Sumner on July 14, 1881 by Pat Garrett, but was alive and well, living in Hico, Texas under the alias of Ollie P. Bill Roberts, also known as Brushy Bill.

  8. Billy The Kid: New Video Takes a Look at This American Outlaw

    May 06, 2020 · Brushy Bill Roberts – was he really Billy the Kid? He slipped his first jail cell in 1875. Arguably the most formative experience lay in Arizona. Wayward Henry had a while to go before attaining legendary status.

  9. Billy And Brushy's Wounds And Scars | Brushy Bill - Billy The ...

    I'd like to see the rest of that article, what this J.J. Smith had to say about being 17 years old when he first met Brushy Bill Roberts. Deleted Deleted Member.

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