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  1. 2 days ago · The GNU General Public License ( GNU GPL or simply GPL) is a series of widely used free software licenses, or copyleft, that guarantee end users the four freedoms to run, study, share, and modify the software. [7] The license was the first copyleft for general use and was originally written by Richard Stallman, the founder of the Free Software ...

  2. 2 days ago · There are various types of open source licenses, each with its own set of terms and conditions. Some popular examples include the BSD licenses, Mozilla Public License, and the GNU General Public License. These licenses differ in their requirements regarding attribution, distribution, and modification of the software.

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    6 days ago · OpenBSD maintains a strict license policy, preferring the ISC license and other variants of the BSD license. The project attempts to "maintain the spirit of the original Berkeley Unix copyrights ," which permitted a "relatively un-encumbered Unix source distribution."

  4. A community for sharing and promoting free/libre and open-source software (freedomware) on the Android platform. This means software you are free to modify and distribute, such as applications licensed under the GNU General Public License, BSD license, MIT license, Apache license, etc., and software that isn’t designed to restrict you in any way.

  5. 5 days ago · If you are a contributor to LLVM with contributions committed before 2019-01-19 and have not done so already, please do follow the instructions at, under section “Individual Relicensing Agreementto relicense your contributions under the new license.

  6. 4 days ago · Permissive licenses allow recipients of the software to implement the author's copyright rights without having to use the same license for distribution. Examples of this type of license include the BSD, MIT, and Apache licenses.

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  8. 3 days ago · This page is licensed under the Python Software Foundation License Version 2. Examples, recipes, and other code in the documentation are additionally licensed under the Zero Clause BSD License. See History and License for more information.

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