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  1. The 3-Clause BSD License – Open Source Initiative Popular / Strong Community The 3-Clause BSD License SPDX short identifier: BSD-3-Clause Note: This license has also been called the “New BSD License” or “Modified BSD License”. See also the 2-clause BSD License. Copyright <YEAR> <COPYRIGHT HOLDER>

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    The BSD license is a simple license that merely requires that all code retain the BSD license notice if redistributed in source code format, or reproduce the notice if redistributed in binary format. The BSD license (unlike some other licenses e.g. GPL) does not require that source code be distributed at all.

  3. The 2-Clause BSD License SPDX short identifier: BSD-2-Clause SPDX short identifier: BSD-2-Clause Note: This license has also been called the “Simplified BSD License” and the “FreeBSD License”. See also the 3-clause BSD License. Copyright <YEAR> <COPYRIGHT HOLDER>

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    The BSD license family is one of the oldest and most broadly used license families in the FOSS ecosystem. Also, many new licenses were derived or inspired by the BSD licenses. Many FOSS software projects use a BSD license, for instance the BSD OS family ( FreeBSD etc.), Google 's Bionic or Toybox.

  6. The BSD 3-Clause License has two key requirements of those who want to use the licensed code. They’re actually the same as those of the MIT license. If you plan to copy, modify, or distribute any code licensed under BSD, you must include: The full text of the license The original copyright notice It’s easy to confuse these two, though.

  7. BSD 4-Clause “Original” or “Old” License A permissive license similar to the BSD 3-Clause License, but with an "advertising clause" that requires an acknowledgment of the original source in all advertising material. BSD 4-Clause License Copyright (c) [year], [fullname] All rights reserved.

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