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  1. Insular script comprised a diverse family of scripts used for different functions. At the top of the hierarchy was the Insular half-uncial (or "Insular majuscule "), used for important documents and sacred text. The full uncial, in a version called "English uncial", was used in some English centres.

    • fl. 600–850 AD
    • Latin scriptInsular (Gaelic) script
  2. 3 days ago · Falk's 1993 book Schrift im Alten Indien is a study on writing in ancient India, and has a section on the origins of Brahmi. It features an extensive review of the literature up to that time. Falk sees the basic writing system of Brahmi as being derived from the Kharoṣṭhī script, itself a derivative of Aramaic.

  3. 3 days ago · Die Philippinen ( [ filɪˈpiːnən ], amtlich Republik der Philippinen, Filipino Republika ng Pilipinas [ ˌpɪlɪˈpinɐs ], englisch Republic of the Philippines, spanisch República de Filipinas) sind ein Staat und Archipel mit 7.641 Inseln im westlichen Pazifischen Ozean und gehören zu Südostasien.

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  6. May 26, 2022 · Extensive revising is required by many journals in the social sciences. It is expected that authors “revise and resubmit” (R&R) their manuscripts several times before they are

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