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    These four scripts are Hanunó'o/Hanunoo of the Hanuno'o Mangyan people, Buhid/Buid of the Buhid Mangyan people, Tagbanwa script of the Tagbanwa people, and Palaw'an/Pala'wan of the Palaw'an people. All four scripts were inscribed in the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme , under the name Philippine Paleographs (Hanunoo, Buid, Tagbanua and ...

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    Key: = 10 letters As the values are rounded to the nearest 5 letters, the second icon on Tuesday is the left half of the original. Standardization. Pictographs can often transcend languages in that they can communicate to speakers of a number of tongues and language families equally effectively, even if the languages and cultures are completely different.

  3. حساب الجُمل; أرمينية; أرقام أريابهاتا; سريلية; جعزية; جورجيّة; يونانية; عبرية; رومانيّة

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