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  1. Sep 15, 2022 · Devil’s den Kennels is one of the breeders that started the American Bully using the earlier dogs of the Razors Edge Bloodline . All devils den American bullies are true representatives of the American Bully breed founded in 2004. All Devil’s den American bully dog’s are registered with the A.B.K.C American Bully Kennel Club.

  2. We are a non-profit dog rescue in Ontario, dedicated to the dogs who face euthanasia daily in Ontario’s shelters. Adopt, Foster, Sponsor or Volunteer.

  3. Colorado Bullies & More is a small rescue and shelter founded with the mission to provide a sanctuary environment to pitbull type dogs, giving them a second chance at life and finding them wonderful forever families.

  4. Welcome to “Bullies of NC.” Located in both Richlands and Jacksonville, North Carolina, we are the Bull Terrier breeders of the state. Unlike other Bull Terrier breeders, this is NOT a hobby or side job to collect money for breeding Bull Terriers.

  5. Girls that will make Top Studs tuck tail and run. Structurally sound, functional bullies that exemplify breed type. Our dogs are DNA Tested, & Profiled, family friendly with excellent temperament. Our dogs are gentle with children and animals. We do not allow dogs that show any aggression or health issues into our breeding program.

  6. Mix enough bluing into the water to get a darkish blue (not black). Pour the bluing mixture over your white English Bulldog and work in with your fingertips. Do not rinse off the solution. Do not towel dry, let your white English bulldog drip dry. For red dogs, try VO5 Henna Conditioner. Dry your English Bulldog with towels.

  7. Dec 11, 2019 · American Bully XLs are undoubtedly striking dogs, ideal for people who love a buffed up canine. But these muscles and strong joints arent just for show; the “Dela Cruz White Dragon 5150” bully has pulled a whopping 11,806 pounds. What’s more, these dogs really do just to the term “Man’s best friend” because of their friendly nature.

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